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May 24, 2012

Oh my goodness, what a day! It’s 12:40 am as I’m writing this and Rachel and I spent a full 14 hours at the market space yesterday cleaning and decorating and we still have a whole lot more work to do not to mention trying to get some sleep! But we are so thrilled by how things are coming together and cannot wait to share pictures of our crafty decorating adventures. Although, the DIY’s that we chose took waaay more time than we’d anticipated, but so it goes sometimes! We also have a winner of the last 2 Scout wine + cheese night tickets from the giveaway over at Poppytalk….JUDY KLASSEN! Hurray for Judy! Please contact us and we’ll be in touch with the details right away.

Since we’re about to view the talents of all 50 of our amazing handmade + vintage vendors, I thought I’d inspire you to dig into your own small projects with these beautiful DIY’s and vintage treasures…

Katie’s Pencil Box

The Marion House Book. Photo by Kristin Sjaarda.

Diary of a Mod Housewife

Vintage EclecticityGreen Wedding Shoes. Photo by Jess Graham.

Ruche tutorial on Design*Sponge

We’ll be spending today and tomorrow setting up tables, finishing decorating and diving into setting up our own display so we’ll be skipping out on Friday’s blog post. But wish us luck and we hope to see you this weekend at Scout Handmade + Vintage Market! And away we go…


Oh, and be sure to visit my guest post over at Poppytalk today…plenty of lovely patios and stepping stones to inspire you to get out in the garden this weekend. Yay for sunshine in the forecast!


Powder Rooms: Small yet bold.

May 23, 2012

Yesterday, I felt like things were all under control but today is a different story.  So, like Lily said, posts are going to be short and sweet around here until we can fully recover from the market.  Market planning is very similar to wedding planning, where you do a tonne of planning up front, a little in the middle and then all of a sudden it’s go time.  And that time is now!  The space we’re using is fabulous although it’s just bare bones.  So, the next couple days leading up to the market, we’re making it pretty.  Then the vendors will roll in, set up and the market takes on a life of it’s own.  I wish you all could join us but we’ll be sure to fill you all in next week.

Traditional Home

In between visits, working, blog posting and resting (???), I’ve been dreaming about the house that’s waiting for us back “home”.  It’s got this cute little powder room with crazy Chinoiserie wallpaper and I think it’s from the original owners.  I’ve always heard that there are no rules when it comes to decorating powder rooms so except for a few modern updates, I think the dragons will remain.

Architectural Digest via Truly Felicia

 Rue Magazine

 Architectural Digest

 Apartment Therapy

 Hazardous Design

Have you picked a favorite?  My pick is very fitting and rather embarrassing.  Happy Hump Day!


The Ordinary House

May 22, 2012

I’ll be keeping things short and sweet this week as there are only a few more days until our much anticipated market. As Rachel mentioned yesterday, we got a tonne of things checked off of our list over the long weekend (it is so great to have her back in town!) but there is still much to do. Scout will take place almost a year to the day of our first market and we’re still not entirely sure how we fell into the roles of event organizers! But it’s been so inspiring along the way and we continue to be amazed at the effort and creativity that each of our vendors put in to help us make these events so incredible for all who attend. To give us all a little (and much needed) coffee break, I thought I’d feature this simple Scandinavian home dubbed “The Ordinary House”….

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

Designed by the Swedish architects, In Praise of Shadows, this wood panelled home is nestled in the forests of Nacka, Sweden. It’s simple lines, floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights highlight the surrounding wilderness and maximize natural Northern light year round. The owners also have a pretty colourful collection of Eames chairs…

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

In Praise of Shadows Arkitektur via Nordic Design. Photos by Bjorn Lofterud.

Today is the last day to enter Poppytalk’s giveaway for the last two tickets to our wine + cheese night this Friday. It is our first time hosting such an evening and I’m really excited to watch it all unfold! With live entertainment by the band Coalmont and jazz vocalist Sharla Sauder, a silent auction for Life Recovery, sweet treats and great goody bags for each of our guests, it is sure to be a fantastic night all around. Hope to see you there!


Wrapping it up….

May 20, 2012

With long market to-do lists and visits with family and friends, our weekend was crazy busy.  Lily and I put in a good number of hours checking off our market lists with breaks for coffee and of course, sushi but there is still a lot that has to be done with the market at the end of the week.  Eeek!  The big payoff will be seeing the space as we’ve imagined, the vendors in all their glory and happy, smiling shoppers.

 Vintage Handmade by Julie Collings

 42 Things

 My Handmade Crafts

 Happy Rainy Day

 mintybliss via Mint


 Letter Kay

We are thrilled that the house will be full for the Scout 1st Dibs night this Friday.  All the tickets have SOLD OUT!  Well, that’s not exactly true, there are still 2 tickets up for grabs over at Poppytalk so if you live in the Lower Mainland and you are feeling lucky, be sure to stop by to enter for you chance to win!  Don’t worry about missing out though, Scout Handmade + Vintage Market will be open to the public from 10am – 4pm on Saturday, May 26th.  Now, I’m off to enjoy the rest of this long weekend!




Happy May Long Weekend!

May 18, 2012

Helloooo Friday! It’s Victoria Day weekend here in Canada, more commonly known as May Long, and the traditional way to celebrate in these parts is with a cold beverage in hand at a lakefront campground or a backyard BBQ with friends. Rachel and her girls are back in town and they had a sleepover with us last night…such a great reunion! Oddly enough, it felt almost as if they’d never left…except that they now have golden suntans! With Scout only 1 week away (eek!), our weekend will likely look nothing like the first photos below but will be filled with plenty of to-do lists and motivational pep talks to get us through the busy days ahead. I won’t lie, planning an event of this size has been really tough with Rachel on the other side of the continent and I am so thankful that she was able to fly back so that we can tackle all of the final details together. Skype really doesn’t cut it compared to our past wine and sushi “planning” nights! But we are so excited for next weekend and cannot wait to see all of our amazing vendors in action once again…

Dwell. Photo by Misha Gravenor.

Corona Pops by Baker’s Royale

Shelter Co. via Poppytalk

Style at Home. Photo by Stacey Van Berkel-Haines.

Wit & WhistleVapor Qualquer

What are your plans for the long weekend? Catching up on yard work or heading to the hills? Whatever you do, have lots of fun and safe travels…cheers!


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