Off the Grid + Feeling the Love

Off the Grid + Feeling the Love

July 8, 2013

Good morning! We’re back from an eventful weekend away in the Caribou, just outside of 100 Mile House. Our friends got married (in front of this amazing settlers cabin on the groom’s family holiday property) but not without a hitch. The groom was hospitalized (with meningitis…what are the odds, seriously!?!) the day before the big event but the entire family and plenty of friends (many of us were camping out or staying nearby) rallied together and helped to create a truly magical weekend. The series of events had to be reversed but thankfully, Chris was released in time for a twilight ceremony, made even more meaningful after what he and Sarah had been through over the last couple of days together. Words can’t describe the amount of love that was shown this weekend, between the couple themselves, the most generous host family and all of the “village” that worked to make the wedding happen. We’re still praying for Chris as he’s back in hospital now but after this, I haven’t a doubt that they can make it through any hurdles along their journey together!

Despite the unexpected turn of events, we had such a fun weekend camping with a large group of friends and their young families. Our kids got eaten alive by mosquitos but otherwise had the time of their lives, swimming in the creek, bunking with friends and gorging on marshmallows. The ingredients that summer memories are made of!

Dickens Ink

Photo by Quentin Bacon via Desire to Inspire

El Cosmico via Remodelista

Oh My Home

While it’s true that roughing it isn’t overly enticing to me these days, there is so much to love about being off the grid especially when surrounded by great friends! Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for all of the sweet comments about my fireplace makeover! Enjoy your Monday 🙂

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