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Calling Cards

February 6, 2012

 It was nice to step away from work and do some visiting with friends and family this weekend.  The time seems to be ticking faster now and I’m feeling more anxious and excited than ever.  So much to do and so little time.  On Saturday night, Lily and I had one of our classic work/sleepovers at our place with our girls which is always fun.  The plan was to tackle our taxes but somehow we were distracted by Pinterest and started working on the details and logo for our upcoming Spring market instead.  It’s funny how that happens.  But we’ve got something really pretty going on and can’t wait to see the final product.  We are working with our friend Jessica, from Trove Vintage Rentals & Handmade Affairs, she also drew up our logo and print work for The Old School Market and both of the Fieldstone markets.  She’s been fabulous to work with, and always seems to read our mind.  For inspiration and “research”, we often use Pinterest and we’ve been admiring the business cards that Ez collected from the Alt Summit.  There are some beauties out there.

 Creature Comforts

Pretty, right?  We hope to attend the Alt Summit next year so our business card needs some freshening up if we want to stand out in that crowd!  It’s always good to keep things on trend especially when it comes to your business.  First impressions are key.  The Rifle Paper Co. is a favourite of mine and I especially love the custom portrait calling cards.  Their studio happens to be in Winter Park, Florida and I will definitely stop by for a visit.  Mommy calling cards are great idea too, don’t you think?

Rifle Paper Co.

111 Creative

Antidote X via Beast Pieces

 Pink Olive

 Hazel Wonderland

Ink & Ivory

Hopefully, we’ll at least get a good head start on our taxes this week.  It’s so hard to start the no-fun tasks but it always feels so good to get it behind you.  No.  More.  Procrastinating.  Here’s to a sunny and productive week!

How We Use Pinterest for Blogging

January 4, 2012

Can you believe it’s the middle of the week already? I thought I’d be a bit more organized by now but I’m still noticing a number of piles around our house…remnants of Christmas decor, gifts that haven’t found a home yet and far too much uneaten chocolate! I’ll be hiding the latter asap to make sure that I at least get a good start at my healthy goals for the year. I did make it to the gym yesterday and started documenting everything I ate into my Spark People account as well, which is like Weight Watchers only free! It’s really easy to use and you can track your fitness and weight loss goals there too.

Speaking of organizing and keeping track of things, Rachel and I are often asked where we find all of the images that we share with you each week. In the past, we both read a number of blogs daily but as our focus turned to writing our own posts, amidst the daily bustle of family life, our leftover time to read other inspiring blogs soon became pinched. We also started to find it difficult to keep track of where we’d found images, their correct links and sources. A tool that has become invaluable to us in our blogging adventures is the wonderful world of Pinterest. Beware, Pinterest is highly addictive but it is also hands down the best way to catalogue images and where they originated in an easy to use, visual system. No need to shred your favourite design magazines anymore! Pinterest is the perfect solution to collect inspiration for blogging, weddings, renovations and oh-so-much-more. Here are some tips to help you get started as well as a few of my own recent Pins

Curious Details

House Doctor via Decor8

Blissful Blog via Fine Ting Og Sjokaolade. Photo by Workstead.

First, you’ll need to request an invitation or be invited by a friend…we’d be happy to invite you if you leave us your email address in a comment below. Once you’ve been “accepted”, you can also invite your own friends via Facebook and Twitter…the more the merrier, right?! Here are more specific details on how to get started with Pinning 101. You’ll need to install the “Pin It” Button to your bookmark bar (see the directions here) so that you can start pinning from your favourite blogs, websites and online shops.

Birch + Bird on Pinterest

Within your own account, you can create Boards to sort your Pins into specific categories. If possible, try to be fairly specific with how you name your boards. Holly Becker of Decor8 has some very useful tips for categorizing boards and more over at Real Simple. There is no limit to the number of Pins per Board and, as far as I can tell, you’re allowed to create as many boards as you like.

Birch + Bird on Pinterest

Ok, so you’re all set up with your own Pinterest account…now what? I’ve had several people tell me that they’re clueless for where to start when it comes to browsing good blogs. My advice would be to start with the Blogroll of a blog that you do read (our blogroll is on the right hand side of our page) and odds are good that you’ll find at least a few more good reads. As you start discovering images that you simply must save, here are the steps to Pin them into your new account:

1: Find Inspiration. There it is…the kitchen, the wedding dress, the teapot of your dreams! Before you click on your shiny new “Pin It” button to save it onto your tidy new Board, make sure that you’ve clicked on the title of the blog post, and aren’t Pinning it from the main page of the blog.  This will will ensure that, in the future, whoever clicks on your Pin will be brought directly back to the original blog post where you found it and won’t have to scroll through days, weeks, months (you get the idea) of other posts to find the image and credits. At this point, it also helps to double check that the blog you’re on has correctly credited the image in the first place. (Scroll further for more about crediting etiquette…)

2: Select an Image to Pin. Once you’ve made sure that you’re Pinning from the actual blog post, click your handy dandy “Pin It” button (forget where it is? It should be at the top of your page, in your bookmark bar, right under your browser window. For technical difficulties, refer here) and a selection of images from the screen will be brought up for you to choose from. Click on the image of your choice…

3: Categorize + Describe Your Pin. Once you’ve selected your image, you’ll be asked to categorize and describe it before your Pin is officially created. Choose from one of the Boards that you’ve already categorized or create a new board. Leave a fairly detailed description of the image and, if you plan on sharing the images on your own blog, make a note of the photographer or additional credits. Click the red Pin It Button and, voila, you’ve created a Pin!

Something that we strongly encourage you to always do on your blog (whether using Pinterest or not) is to credit images correctly. Here are some more tips for correctly sourcing and crediting images with Pinterest:

  • Do not Pin from unreliable sources like, Tumblr, WeHeartIt or blogs that haven’t properly credited the image in the first place. Use Google Image Search (save the image to your desktop and then upload it with the camera icon) to find the original source and Pin the image from there.
  • When sharing an image found on Pinterest on your own blog, never credit “via Pinterest”. The Pinner should not get credit for the image. Always give credit to who the image actually belongs to. In addition, if you found the image via another blog, the correct credit should say “Original Source” via “Another Blog”.  (On a side note, another pet peeve of mine is when image credits are only numbered (example 1/2/3/4) and don’t say the blog’s name?it only takes a few more seconds to type the source’s name and is a simple common courtesy to fellow bloggers and photographers.) For more fabulous information on crediting blog photos, be sure to read this great post by Chelsea Fuss of Frolic.
  • If you notice a Pin isn’t correctly sourced and you know where it came from, leave the correct source link in a comment on the Pin.

Once you start to “Follow” other people on Pinterest, you can Repin their images as well. The more people you follow, the more inspiration for you to sift through. Rachel and I both try to Pin more images directly from blogs than we do Repin, to keep the selection fresh. If everyone continuously Repins each other, it gets a little tedious scrolling through repetitive images. On that note, try to avoid blatant self-promotion. Pinterest is a great way to generate traffic to your blog but it can also get a little bit dull when certain magazines and bloggers only Pin images from their own sites. Make a Board specifically for your own tutorials and images and try to phase them in amongst your other Pins rather than Pinning them all at once. You can find more information about Pinning etiquette, here.

The Wheatfield

Phewf, that was a lot of information, wasn’t it?! Hopefully I didn’t scare you off but only helped make your web journeys more enjoyable and less overwhelming from this point forward. If I wasn’t clear enough on any of the technical aspects, just pop by Pinterest for more details. And feel free to browse at whim through both Rachel and my own Pinterest boards…there are now links on our blog to them both. Happy Pinning!



Calling Cards

May 16, 2011

Well, that was a productive, yet exhausting weekend!  With The Old School Market just around the corner, Lily and I spent yesterday getting our displays in order.  I’m so thankful we did this.  It took us…oh about 6 or so hours from start to finish.  We won’t have that much time for set up at the market.  I can just imagine our stress levels if we had just waited until the market to set up with no prep.  I think we dodged a bullet.  It was about this time last year that Lily and I were gathering ideas for logos and banners and business cards.  You know, all that fun stuff that gives a company presence.

1. Perch Papiers 2. MaeMae Papier

We searched high and low for inspiration.  Thankfully, like most things so far, we were on the same page with what were hoping for in a business card.  Inspired by vintage apothecary labels and lovely letterpress wedding invitations, we came up with quite a pile of examples to go from.

Oh Happy Day Letterpress

We then turned our pile of inspiration over to the talented Amber Mabe, who we happened to come across on Etsy.  Yes, you can also get help with logo design on Etsy.  Who knew?  Through a few emails back and forth, she was able to get into our heads and come up with several sketches right off the bat.  We then adjusted a few things here and a few things there and voila!  our very own business card.

1. Oh Hello Friend 2. Mint 3. Babel Design via Simple Pretty 4. Under Consideration

There are cards you can plant and they will bloom flowers.  Or cards that act as handy dandy screwdrivers.  What about edible cards for chocolatiers or bakers?  Mmm.  I love cards with an extra special touch like a little envelope or ribbon tied neatly in a bow.  Your business card reflects who you are and it should be just as unique.  Plus you feel quite grown up when you have your own business card.  I highly recommend it.  Happy Monday!