Winning Trophy DIY’s

Winning Trophy DIY’s

August 7, 2013

Allo, allo! How was your long weekend? Mine was just dandy and I’m having a hard time snapping out of holiday mode, to tell you the truth. We had an eventful weekend that started off with a few hiccups (major car trouble and a very unexpected haircut, for example) but we made it to the city Saturday afternoon and had a really fun time. Gabe was in his element at Jamcouver (a beachfront skateboard comp), everyone enjoyed the novelty of a sky-high hotel room at The Century, we had yummy Korean BBQ with good friends at Gyu-Kaku and even managed a late-night jaunt down to watch the fireworks at Sunset Beach. There was plenty of colourful people watching with the Pride festivities the next day and we did lots of walking, crepe-eating and some back-to-school shopping too. All of us were pretty tired after our late fireworks night so Brad + I didn’t push our luck (the summer “whine-factor” is pretty high these days) and headed home mid-afternoon Sunday. We were lucky enough to spend BC Day on the river with more great friends and I don’t think any of us wanted to leave the beach. But, alas, laundry and grocery shopping needs to be done at some point and there’s always work to be done at the shop.

Speaking of, I was putting away some of our vintage rentals yesterday and came across our collection of mini trophies (click here) and couldn’t help but think of the adorable possibilities for a camp or equestrian themed wedding, or for home decor in general …

A Fabulous Fete

Jennifer Rizzo

Snippet & Ink

Schoolhouse Electric

You Are My Fave

Country Living

Making it Lovely

I see vintage trophies in my thrifting journeys all the time and think I’d better start collecting at least a few. So cute for a kid’s room, Father’s Day gifts and more, don’t you think? We’ll be moving Gabe’s room in the next few months and I’ve got my mind set on some neon spray painted numbers. I wonder if he’d think they’re cool? It’s hard to say these days, 10 being the new 15 and all 😉

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