Week + End: Bright Links + Fresh Tunes

Week + End: Bright Links + Fresh Tunes

August 2, 2013

Happy long weekend to you! It’s BC Day here in British Columbia and Brad’s got the next 5 days off. We were hoping to head down to the Oregon Coast but waited a bit too long to book anything and thought we’d enjoy our local beaches instead. We’re heading into the city to check out a skateboard competition (Gabe is over the moon) and the fireworks and will very likely see some of the Pride Week festivities while we’re at it, fun fun and more fun! What are your plans? I’m liking little getaways closer to home more and more these days…less travel time and more family time…how about you? Here are some links I’ve loved this week:

1. What’s a long weekend without a cocktail or two? Pretty obsessed with all things lavender + honey these days so these look just perfect:


2. I’ll always be a sucker for vintage books, especially ones with covers like these:

Better Homes & Gardens

3. Mmm, fresh popsicles! Just in time for the sun to come out again:

Katie’s Pencil Box

4. Our basement tenants are moving out and we’ve decided to take back the whole house, yay! That means the girls won’t have to share a room anymore (Gabe’s moving downstairs) and Lilah’s got her heart set on a rainbow room, of course! Loving the watercolour look of this wall:


5. A fresh lick of paint can make even the chippiest old piece happy again. This yellow chair is pretty fun:

Oh My Little Dears

I’ll be enjoying the long weekend with ma familia and some good friends, hope you’ll be doing the same. Enjoy the playlist and I’ll be back to chat on Wednesday 🙂

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