Timber + Toffee: Fall Neutrals

Timber + Toffee: Fall Neutrals

September 16, 2013

So, my weekend didn’t exactly include the beach + cocktails but it did involve many cups of tea curled up on the couch…not nearly as fun! I think I’m on the mend but now it’s Gabe’s turn. Ah, germs…the ugly downside of back-to-school! Now, I know it’s technically still summer until next weekend but can we all agree that it’s feeling very much like fall? Although I tried hard to enjoy every last moment of sunshine and warmth, I must admit that last week’s heatwave was pushing it. I’ve got new blazers and sweaters just waiting to be worn and, strange though it may sound, I really do love the rain! And there’s nothing more calming than the beautiful shades of caramel, toffee and timber that start fading into the landscape here as we shift into Autumn…

D’art Photographie

Rue via Design Conundrum

The Design Files. Photo by Sean Fennessy.

Bodie & Fou


Living Illusion

What do you think, are you finally ready for Fall? Between our own renos, the shop and our upcoming Market, the next couple of months are going to be smokin’ busy and it’s always much easier to hunker down and get work done when the weather’s dreary. I’ll be back on Wednesday with some inspiration that I’ve been working on for Gabe’s new bedroom but until then, cheers to a cozy week ahead!

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