Thoughts of Spring…

Thoughts of Spring…

February 21, 2011

After a glorious sun shiny weekend, I think it’s safe to say that we are now on the mend. What did you get yourself into this weekend?  On Friday, Lily and I bundled up our sick brood to attempt a barn sale.  I don’t know if the kids had the greatest time but the crisp air was probably good for all of us.  We walked away with 2 crates of goodies to add to our growing stash.  Wedding season is upon us and we were happy to increase our apothecary bottle supply.  On Saturday, we found more at our favourite haunts as well as a visit to an antique mall and estate auction preview.  Then we capped it off with appetizers and even dessert.  We haven’t done that in a long while and now we have some work to do!  On Sunday, I didn’t step one foot outdoors because I was reorganizing my basement.  I didn’t make quite the impact I was hoping for but once I clear out the rather large pile I have for the second hand shop, that might make more of a difference.

It’s nice to see people come out of their houses when the sun shines, going for walks, tidying up their yards and washing their cars.  It’s about this time of year that I start to get the urge to dig in my garden.  Do you have a green thumb?  Or a black one?  I don’t have the greenest thumb but I sure do try.  Since it’s a little too early here to start planting, a good place to start would be the front door.  A potted plant or two and a new door mat does wonders.  I’d love to liven up our entrance with a brand new navy blue Craftsman style door.  And brushed chrome house numbers, mailbox and lights too.  I have my eye on some aluminum Neutra numbers from Design Within Reach .  Even just a coat of fresh paint would freshen things up.

Real Simple

There’s something about getting your hands in the dirt in the Spring.  And you know, Spring is right around the corner.  I can’t wait.  How much space do you have to garden?  It seems there are opportunities to garden almost anywhere.  This modern hideaway hosts a rooftop garden.  I love how it softens up what would otherwise be a flat barren space.


If you have a large plot of land or just a sunny windowsill, anyone can have a container garden.  I think I do my best gardening in containers, actually.  I’m not really sure why.  Maybe because they more manageable and the results are immediate.  My favourite colours to plant with are chartreuse and plum as seen in the centre image.  I love mixing in houseplants, like delicate ferns, which I’ve found do rather well in our climate and often outlast the annuals.

1. Apartment Therapy 2. Sunset 3. Sunset

I’ve found that the bigger the container the better.  You don’t have to water them as much as small pots and if you would like to plant a variety of plants, you will have room to do so.  One trick that I often use for extra large containers is to place an overturned pail inside so that you don’t have to use so much dirt and it’s much easier to move.  Styrofoam peanuts work well too but be sure to cover them with landscaping cloth so that you can easily remove them as the roots will grow around them.

1. Terrain 2. Real Simple 3. Terrain

I’m sure you’ve seen the garden walls by now.  Don’t you love them?  These examples are DIY so you still have plenty of time to work out the plans, if you’d like include such a grand display in your outdoor space this coming Summer.

1. Sunset 2. Sunset 3. Sunset

Being creative in the garden doesn’t seem as intimidating to me than in the home.  Annuals can be inexpensive so you experiment to your hearts content with combination, colour and location.  I have a walkway leading to the front door of our home and I think I’ve planted something new every single year.  I still haven’t found what works or grows well but that’s okay, I’ll just keep trying until it works and then stick with it.  This lovely outdoor dining area is lush and green.  We have access to a lot of moss and I love using it when I garden.  For lining moss baskets or covering the dirt between plants for a clean look.  This simple moss centrepiece is very chic not to mention long lasting and probably free.


Take advantage of the space you do have and don’t be afraid to mix it up.    Vegetables and herbs have nice foliage too and can easily be mixed in with your garden design.  Vegetable gardens don’t have to be planted in rows, like this quaint little sitting area.  Lettuce is planted in amongst the stones.  Why not grow lettuce as filler in your hanging baskets?  I just might have to add some purple Basil to mine.  And in effort to eat more greens, why not throw in some spinach and kale too.  Now is a good time to start some seeds.


The sunshine of the weekend has been replaced with a cover of white cloud and it snowed for two minutes this morning so I hope all this talk of Spring brightens up your Monday.  Have a great week!

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