The Science Lab…From Geek to Chic

The Science Lab…From Geek to Chic

January 21, 2011

Some of our favourite items to treasure hunt for are old apothecary bottles. Clear, amber, green or our beloved aqua bottles also seem to be a favourite with customers too! We’ve sold dozens for wedding centerpieces and personal collections and we always get a thrill when we find another stash. There’s something romantic yet mildly creepy about the concoctions and medicinal potions that they once held…

Unexpected Partie

Octavia Brown

I must admit, science was never a strong subject for me in school…I could never quite wrap my mind around the atoms and molecules and I have a very queasy stomach when it comes to dissections of any kind! I do, however, really love any collections involving specimens and other tokens of natural history, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. Antlers are some of Rachel and my favourite props when photographing items for the shop and I would be beyond thrilled to come across some of the naturally shed variety rather than the vintage trophy kind that we have now! But at least they’re being put to good use, right?

The Society Inc. via A Billion Tastes & Tunes

If the thought of bugs and insects pinned to your wall gives you the heeby-jeebies, the art of Amber Alexander is sure to make you smile! I just love the dreamy feel of her watercoloured animals and creatures, don’t you?

Amber Alexander

If you follow any wedding related blogs, you’ve likely seen beakers and test tubes used as flower vases and centerpieces. I think the contrast of utilitarian with feminine flowers is so unique and looks wonderful incorporated into home decor as well, especially if you have several other industrial pieces already in the mix.

A Beach Cottage

The Knotty Bride


Like beakers, test tubes have been reinvented as flower vases for sometime now. They make the sweetest bud vases, especially when clipped into their original chemist’s stands! Aren’t Pigeon Toe Ceramics white porcelain version so simple yet gorgeous? I think they’d look lovely tied with twine and hanging in front of a window or over a table…

Ethan Ollie

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

Art & Decoration via Inspiring Interiors

Being a geek has never been cooler, thanks to all the big screen comedies and small screen sitcoms like Glee! Etsy craftspeople are also big supporters of geekery…well, we are on our computers for hours a day!

1. Morphologica 2. Emily Alice Ball 3. Ulala 4. Christine Domanic

Moxie Doll

What are your thoughts on bringing the science lab into the home? Do you think it can be chic or will it forever be linked to your dry high school biology teacher…

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