The Old School Market

The Old School Market

May 30, 2011

Lily and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how The Old School Market turned out.  After 3.5 months of planning and preparation, the market went down without a hitch.  The vendor displays were absolutely stunning and there was something of interest for every single person that walked through the door.  We were not quite expecting the continuous crowds of people and we literally had to shut the doors to keep them out at the end of the day.  We’ll be grinning for weeks.

Birch + Bird

Last year, we participated in the Ivory Vintage Market, in White Rock, B.C., put on by a good friend of mine, Michelle and her partner, Maureen. Lily and I have always dreamed of having our own brick and mortar shop so the market gave us the pleasure of fussing with displays and chatting one on one with customers rather than through email.  We quickly realized after the first market, that within our own circles we knew enough talented people to pull a market together in our own home town.  And that’s how it all began…

1. Raggy Girl Vintage by The Lovely in LIFE 2. Jen’s Dream Decor by Family Trees May Contain Nuts

I’ve been so humbled by all the wonderful encouragement and support from friends and family throughout the planning of The Old School Market.  People we had never met before who were so excited, willing to help and be there for us along the way.  We spent a few days asking local businesses to display the market posters or handout postcards, not one shop owner turned us down.  We chatted about the market wherever we went and left postcards all over the place, in change room lockers, hiding amongst the magazines at the doctor’s office, or slipping one to the checkout lady at the grocery store.  Word started getting out and after awhile we’d mention the market and the person we were chatting with already knew about it.  We couldn’t have done this all by ourselves, we had a great deal of help from blogger friends and the vendors too.  All their blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting paid off.  It was so great to see the market poster somewhere we hadn’t got to yet.  The vendors spent more time than we know, working on their inventory and fashioning their displays for market day.  And judging by all the happy, smiling faces, we think it all paid off.

1. Sparrow’s Nest by Groovy Glass Girl 2. Birch + Bird

1. Trove Vintage Rentals by Family Trees May Contain Nuts 2. Urban Harmonie Design by Groovy Glass Girl

Back when cassette tapes were all the rage,  I would take out the cover and read it front to back.  For some reason, I always found the credits so very interesting.  Here’s my market version…First of all, I would like to thank my husband and children who put up with my absence and lackluster dinners.  The Grandparents who played with and fed my children so Lily and I could check a few more things off our to-do list.  The most talented vendors we could ever ask for.  Jessica, who designed our pretty market logo.  All the local businesses, newspapers, websites, radio stations and blogs who make it their business to spread the word for folks with small budgets, like us.  Our sisters, who are our first employees.  Gourmet Gallery, The Pink Spatula and Booster Juice for keeping our energy up all day long.  The talented Jayme, who captured the day with her camera.  The curious market visitors who came from near and far (Merrit!!!) to see for themselves what The Old School Market was all about.  The local bloggers who took the time to visit, snap some photos,  and stop by to say hello.  And the best business partner, I could ever hope for.

1. & 2. Twig Home 3. Vintage Home images by Family Trees May Contain Nuts

We are now craving a day at the spa and after a little down time, we’ll start dreaming up the next market.  So, please stay tuned.

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