The Autumn Rain Has Arrived

The Autumn Rain Has Arrived

October 29, 2010

Despite being spoiled with some glorious fall sunshine, the autumn rainy season has now officially arrived here on the West Coast. I’ve got to admit that, although crisp sunny days are sublime, there’s something about cozy sweaters, roaring fires and hot cups of tea that make our climate not so bad after all! It also makes it easier to get some projects done around the house…like my pending paint job perhaps…or baking a batch of Creepy Witches Fingers for the kids’ school Halloween parties. Spooky looking but super easy and a single batch makes 60 cookies…ideal for 2 classrooms. Recipe, here, from Canadian Living.

Today’s showers put me in the mood to browse for some more decorating inspiration, mixed in with some fall fashion essentials, good books and teacups, of course! To see the product links, click here. I think this chair from Anthropologie is such a show stopper…what are your thoughts? Definitely not a neutral piece!

As much as I love autumn, I really love winter…actually, I really love Christmas. Like, really love Christmas. So, as the stores start madly unpacking all of their holiday garland and glitz, I feel as though I’m packing up the last of my fall finds,  as soon as the weekend’s festivities are over, of course.  I’m not one to rush time, there truly are not enough hours in my day, but I can’t wait to start sharing holiday inspirations, gift ideas and recipes…for the next 2 months, watch out!

I recently discovered the work of New York Designer Steven Gambrel via Canadian House & Home and his work is simply stunning! The homes featured in his portfolio are categorized as either City or Country  and I think this rural underground wine cellar is beyond incredible! Can’t you just imagine the conversations, not to mention the wine!, flowing at a dinner party held here? What I wouldn’t give to be invited or, better yet, to be the hostess in this space!

1. Apartment Therapy 2. S.R. Gambrel

We spent the afternoon out at my in-laws’ farm in Chilliwack last weekend. It was wet and a bit blustery but we put our galoshes on and had fun mucking around the property, barns and….oooooh…their own haunted house! Well, I don’t think it’s haunted but it is very old, packed with finds from Grandpa’s old auction days (yes, a love of “junk” runs in the family!) and we’ve even seen the odd bat up in the rafters! Spooky but oh so fun!

Len & Len is a North Vancouver based Etsy shop that I discovered earlier this summer. AJ Robertson is the designer behind the lovely, handcrafted jewelry and I really love the organic lines and the simplicity of each piece. I bought the Birch Bark cuff for my dear sister-in-law Amy’s birthday and it was tough to give it away! And this Harvest Moon necklace…can’t you just hear Neil Young strumming now?

Orange and rust colours can warm up your decor all year round. Suzanne Dimma, editor of House & Home, had the brilliant idea of mounting this armoire in the front hallway of her first home. Flowers are an inexpensive way to add colour and personality to any room and this lovely fireside patio…what better way to enjoy the last of autumn’s lingering evenings?

1. House & Home 2. A Beach Cottage 3. House Beautiful

Well, I’m off to get some Trick-or-Treaters into their costumes for school…wishing you all a sunny and dry weekend full of tricks and lots of treats!

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