Stripes: Simple and Bold

Stripes: Simple and Bold

July 26, 2011

Phase 1 of my long list of things to paint this summer is complete!  My girls’ rooms are now pink and purple with crisp white trim.  It took much longer than I had anticipated but really, I should have known better.  Next time, I will start small and push my completion date out about 2 weeks.  Now, I’ll spend the rest of the week, placing furniture, reorganizing their toys and clothes so I can move on to the fun stuff like repainting furniture, hanging art and curtains.

1. Better Homes and Gardens 2. Design*Sponge

I picked really pale shades for their rooms because our home tends to be fairly dark and with all the girly clutter, I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by bubble gum shades of pink and purple.  While I was painting I started to get concerned that I had gone too conservative because both shades appeared white and actually still do at some angles.  Since stripes are so popular right now, the thought crossed my mind that by adding some horizontal stripes I could bring in more of the colour that my “clients” were looking for.

Living Etc.

Now that the rooms are finished and their beds are all made up with their pink and purple quilts, the colour actually is “just” enough for me.  And considering the length of time it’s already taken, I think the stripes will have to wait…forever.  Now on to repainting the doors, their beds, a bedside table and a desk or two.  And once that’s all done, I’ll be sure to snap a few photos to share and then take a nap.


Apartment Therapy


What do you think of the stripe craze?  Do you love it?  Or would you rather pass?

Apartment Therapy

Just in case you haven’t heard, vendor applications for the Fieldstone Vintage Market are now available.  So, if you would like to join us for an outdoor European-style market featuring a collection of all things vintage and handmade, please stop by the Fieldstone Market blog for details.



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