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Spread the love…

February 9, 2011

One thing on my list this week is to sit down with my girls and whip up about 40 plus Valentine’s.  Ack!  Now, that I’m thinking about it, they aren’t that speedy when it comes to printing so it might take a few days.  They are having a Valentine’s Day party at school too so I’ve volunteered to make either cupcakes or cookies.  I’m not sure which route I’ll go just yet but the cupcakes that I came across on Janis’ blog, Pinecone Camp, look really yummy.  A healthier alternative to the traditional Red Velvet recipe that has far too much food colouring in it.  These Velvety Red Beet Cupcakes with Raspberry Icing just might be a good option for class of kindergartners.  I wonder if they’ll catch on to the healthy part…

And for their little friends, I found this cute idea from armelle.  Caroline made these bubble Valentine’s with her son for his preschool class.  Cute, hey?


For those who don’t bake or have all that much time, I loved this super easy idea by none other than Martha Stewart.  Sweeten up your favourite hot chocolate recipe by simply adding a marshmallow Valentine and you have a special after school treat for your kids or even a close friend.

Here are a few more easy projects brought to you by fellow bloggers and all for free, I might add.  Chocolate is a popular Valentine’s token and if  you know a chocolate lover, any day is a good day to receive a chocolate bar. Creature Comforts has a free printable candy bar wrapper to make that chocolate bar a little extra fancy.  For loved ones who are uber healthy, Twig & Thistle has free printable fruit stickers complete with sweet messages for apples, bananas, pears and a few others for you to choose from.  A little love note is good too especially if you need to unravel it.

1. Creature Comforts 2. Twig & Thistle 3. via Oh Hello Friend

With a little prep, a Valentine’s date night should be in order for you and your sweetheart.  Eat Drink Chic has an adorable Couch Picnic invitation, complete with movie tickets and itinerary.  After the kids are sound asleep, there’s no reason why you can’t get in a little alone time even if it happens to be a Monday night.

Eat Drink Chic

Do you have any special Valentine’s projects or parties in the works?  Do share.

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