Sponsored Post: Fashion for Home

Sponsored Post: Fashion for Home

August 15, 2012

Brad and I are finishing up our beach time with the kids and friends in Birch Bay right now but I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you all to a new company with our first sponsored post. Rachel and I have hesitated featuring any sponsored products until this point but we hope that you’ll agree with our thought that Fashion for Home would be a great fit with our readers. Although they are based in the UK, they do have an American eshop (with free shipping in the US!) and customers can buy direct from the manufacturer, keeping price tags very affordable. The main challenge with decorating on a budget is always finding well designed pieces that are built to last. Fashion for Home’s key concept is to build made-to-order pieces (this skips costs associated with storage) sustainably and to fit every budget. I love finding companies who are thinking outside the box and making good design available to everyone! But not just good on paper, their furniture is what really caught my eye so come take a peek at a few of my favourite looks from Fashion for Home….




I’ve fallen pretty hard for the Grand Sofa in the last picture and can picture curling up in it as we speak! With plenty of modern and more traditional designs to choose from (and some great nods to Mid-century classics too) , I really like how versatile Fashion for Home is for all decorating styles. Any pieces that caught your eye? And how is your week going so far? Hopefully you’re soaking up some sunshine like we are! The Spruce girls and I pick up the keys for our new shop tonight and I cannot wait to get inside and start planning the layout, etc. I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to get very busy! With Rachel on a break, I likely won’t be blogging every day and it might take me some time to get settled into the new routine…please be patient with me 🙂



*Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Fashion for Home. Birch + Bird will only feature sponsored posts from shops/products/services that we would share with you all anyway. Anything we feature will always be because we truly enjoy the way it looks and we will always disclose when we have been paid for a feature. This is our first sponsored post.

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