Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

June 7, 2011

The sun is shining!  Oh, how I’ve missed the sun.  My mom told me yesterday that the sun has not shone  here for more than 5 days straight since October!  Miserable, yes.  It’s quite amazing the effects of the sun or the lack thereof.  The trees and plants in our yard seem to be growing right before our eyes.  All the sounds of summer…lawn mowers, birds chirping and kids playing happily in their yards.  Everyone is outside getting busy.  I don’t think I’ve seen some of our neighbours since last summer!  It’s such a welcomed change.

1. Dwell 2. Martha Stewart

Have you noticed the dip dye trend that’s been going on?  I’ve seen it out of the corner of my eye but haven’t paid too much attention until now.  It all started with the dip dyed baskets for me and now it seems that almost anything can be dipped.

Vera Wang

1. for you, ila 2. Martha Stewart


I’ve been on the hunt for a teak mid century desk for awhile now.  I walked away from one at a local thrift shop  (yes, I know…) and then came across another that was already sold.  I contemplated giving the person on the sold sticker a call but figured whoever it was probably knew that they had scored, big time.  Well, I found one this past weekend that will act as the perfect stand in until I magically come across a third teak desk.  What’s that saying?  Good things come in three’s?  Now that I have it all stripped and sanded, it might be fun to dip the legs.

1. Martha Stewart 2. Ladies & Gentlemen Studio 3. A Alicia 4. Oh Happy Day

What a great way to put some life back into a piece of furniture, or a simple t-shirt.  The possibilities are endless.

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