Simply Festive for the Weekend

Simply Festive for the Weekend

December 16, 2011

Oh my, it’s the last weekend before Christmas! So much to do but so little time, right? We’ll be spending Saturday evening with Rachel and her family, then we have a photo shoot with Jayme Lang and my extended family on Sunday morning followed by our 4th annual progressive dinner with 2 other couples and our combined families later that night. Busy days ahead! At least it’s all fun and games on the horizon now that our home improvement projects are behind us…for now! I’ll be sure to share a couple glimpses of my space next week but here are a few simply festive interiors to get you through the weekend…

Canadian House & Home

Chateau de Konstanse via NIB

Krista Keltanen Photography

La Maison d’Anna G.

Katie’s Pencil Box

Style At Home

Beeld Steil

Janis Nicolay

How are you feeling in the midst of all of the festivities, gatherings and down-to-the-wire shopping? Organized? Frazzled? Spiking your hot cocoa to get through the day?  I’m feeling pretty on top of things and am so happy that the kids are finished school today so we can spend some quality time at home baking and making Christmas gifts for family and friends. That’s what Christmas is really all about anyway, right? Have a wonderful weekend!

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