Pretty in Pastels

Pretty in Pastels

January 16, 2013

Admittedly, pastels haven’t always been a favourite colour palette of mine. There’s just something about pale violet and lilac that makes me feel slightly nauseous…odd, since I named our youngest daughter Lilah! But after keeping a skeptical eye on the mint and peach trends over the past year or so, I think it’s safe to say that I’m coming around to paler hues…excluding those in purple, for now 🙂 I’m especially loving pastels with a modern twist, like this black and yellow room accented with a subtle splash of neon to keep things interesting…

Good Homes via Bright.Bazaar. Photo by Max Attenborough.

Hello Naomi

Photo by Jared Fowler for The Design Files

Valentine’s Day and Spring are the perfect excuse to play with light colours but don’t be afraid to throw in some juicy bold hues for good measure! My middle daughter Sadie’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks and she’s decided on a forest/garden/animal/craft party theme with requests for lots of pink and turquoise (and green and yellow and orange) with additions of whatever colour she wakes up loving each morning. Our little artist in the making! Isn’t this tropical table setting gorgeous? Might just be inspiration for her 7th birthday tea party…

Style Me Pretty. Photo by Malia Cano.



Meredith Heron Design. Photo by Donna Griffiths.

Decidedly feminine but what are your thoughts on pastels? Would you swathe your walls in them or enjoy them in smaller doses, like I do? Either way, have a colourful Wednesday 🙂

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