Planning for Easter

Planning for Easter

April 14, 2011

My calendar fills up very fast these days and so I thought I’d better start thinking about Easter now so I’m not scrambling a few days before.  Well, let’s be honest…there will still be a bit of scrambling but I’m hoping there will be less of it by thinking ahead.  Like most things in my life, I like to keep planning for Easter simple.

1. & 2. Martha Stewart

If you like to fill your Easter baskets with unique items, there is still plenty of time to stock up with Etsy finds. Anything and everything from linens, dishes, gift tags, and lots of goodies to give.  Here are some of my favourites…

1. basket 2. gift tags 3. linen trim 4. twine

1.tin 2. headband 3. painting 4. toy

1. candy mold 2. egg cup 3. tiered stand 4. caramel

1. quail eggs 2. print 3. basket 4. teatowels

At our house, we have the traditional Easter egg hunt, followed by a leisurely brunch, a visit to church as well as a meal with both sides of our family throughout the weekend.  My girls are old enough now that they are looking forward to traditions like these and I love watching them enjoy the fruits of my labour.  Do you have any Easter traditions you’d like to share?

Martha Stewart

I loved the simplicity if these Easter inspired tables from Martha Stewart.  This monochromatic feel is easy to pull off with a few natural touches and of course, some coloured eggs.  Very classy, don’t you think?

Martha Stewart

Usually a few days before Easter weekend, my girls and I colour eggs.  I’ve always used the traditional tablet and vinegar concoction  but I’ve always loved Martha’s Easter eggs.  I found that  Real Simple has 6 recipes for homemade dye that I just might have to try.  Let me know if you do too.

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