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Product Launch: Poppytalk for Target

June 13, 2014

Happy Friday! Sorry for the silence this week, man I’m slacking at this blogging thing! Ah well, life has been feeling a little disorganized lately and my week was full of birthday fun for our sweet Lilah and a fun family photo shoot with my Spruce girls all mixed in with sick kids and attempting to get at least some actual work done! But despite the busy-ness of the week, I did manage to make my way out to the Vancouver Art Gallery yesterday to get a sneak peek at the new Poppytalk line of outdoor goods for Target and it’s pretty darn adorable! Check it out:

Poppytalk for TargetPoppytalk for Target

Poppytalk for Target

Poppytalk for TargetPoppytalk for Target

Jan & Earl (the wife/husband duo behind Poppytalk) did such a fantastic job designing the line and items will be available in store on June 22nd (my birthday!)…most of the line will even be available in Canada too, yay! Starting at $3, I can’t think of a cuter way to dress up my patio this Summer! I’m even using some of the paper bowls I got at the launch for Lilah’s friend-birthday party today and they are just perfect! I’m off to entertain 6 six-year-olds…wish me luck and have a great weekend 🙂


Friday Finds: Links + Tunes I’m Loving this Week

June 6, 2014

I don’t know about you, but this weekend couldn’t come soon enough! Our schedule is all out of whack with a Pro-D day on Monday and teachers on strike yesterday but kids back to school today.  Not exactly cohesive the amount of work needing to be done at the shop but so goes life sometimes! I’ll be at it full-throttle today though before getting into party mode for our Summer kick-off event at Spruce Collective tonight, wahoo! Here are a few other links that caught my eye this week:

1.Now, this is my idea of beach camping:

Beach Camping with Free People Photo by Chrissy Piper and FP Naomi for Free People

2. Pretty sure I need to make these marquee letters for our new place (and by “I”, we all know I actually mean “convince Brad to make them for me” right?) Mmm, Happy Hour:

Happy Hour Marquee by A Beautiful MessA Beautiful Mess

3. I just love how bright and organized this home office space is, not to mention that rug!:

The Every Girl: Office of Ruth Allen | Ruth Eileen PhotographyOffice of Ruth Allen | Ruth Eileen Photography via The Every Girl

Hope your weekend is a bright one! Cheers 🙂


Artist Feature: Cathy Terepocki + Pure Green Magazine

June 4, 2014

I was so happy to see the latest issue of Pure Green Magazine arrive at my shop recently and happier still to see the studio of one of my favourite artists, Cathy Terepocki, featured in it, photographed by my friend Janis no less! The entire issue is beautiful and her ceramics workshop is beyond inspiring. She and her family live nearby in quaint town of Yarrow, BC (we looove Yarrow!) and you can see more pics of the studio and her adorable kids over on Janis’ blog here. Just a glimpse of Cathy’s handiwork below but you can find plenty more on her online shop or at these local stores:

Pure Green Magazine, Volume 8Pure Green Magazine, Volume 8

Studio of Cathy Terepocki for Pure Green Magazine. Photo by Janis Nicolay | Pinecone CampPhoto by Janis Nicolay for Pure Green Magazine

Studio of Cathy Terepocki for Pure Green Magazine.  Photo by Janis Nicolay | Pinecone CampPhotos by Janis Nicolay for Pure Green Magazine

Cathy Terepocki at Spruce CollectiveCathy’s work at my shop, Spruce Collective

Ceramic Planters by Cathy TerepockiHanging planters by Cathy Terepocki

Beautiful, isn’t it? It’s pretty awesome to see the collaboration of 3 favourite creatives come together on one project like this, super inspiring! Small town fact: although I’ve only met Cathy several times, her sister-in-law was one of my dear high friends in high school, we’ve worked on several projects with her other sister-in-law (an amazing florist!) and her husband’s law firm just moved in above our shop….small world, right? Six degrees of separation, I suppose 🙂 Both Pure Green Magazine and a selection of Cathy’s work are available at Spruce Collective.


Friday Finds: Patios, Portraits + Party Tunes

May 30, 2014

Hey there, it’s Friday! I’m so glad the weekend is here, how about you? This week has felt a little off to me…not bad per say, just off. Cranky kids, teacher strike/lock out, plans falling through, you know, just one of those kind of weeks. Oh well, I’m putting it all behind me and hitting the road with my Spruce girls and couldn’t be more excited! I love a good vintage treasure hunt and we’re heading into Washington State with 3 vehicles (I’ll be attempting to drive my dad’s Sprinter van for the first time, eek!). I have no doubt that we’ll come back with a full load and it’s always fun to go road tripping with my girls. We’re supposed to have a beautifully hot and sunny weekend and there will be plenty of time for fun on a patio (or two!) after today’s jaunt, with a cold drink in hand of course! We’ve got work to do on our own little patio and I thought the following were great inspiration for indoors and out:

Built in patio benches by Smitten StudioSmitten Studio

Linen Portrait Collection by Three Potato FourThree Potato Four

Poppytalk for Target Party CollectionPoppytalk for Target Party Collection

Cute, right? I can’t wait to check out the new Poppytalk for Target Party Collection in a couple of weeks (it launches on my birthday, lucky me!) and just bought some globe string lights for our own outdoor area. Every patio party needs fresh tunes so here are a few of my faves from this week. I’m a little obsessed with the Coldplay one…it’s literally been on repeat the last 3 days! The rest of the album is pretty great too. Happy weekend!


Spruce Vintage Rentals: Our Spring/Summer Collection

May 28, 2014

Thanks for all of the encouragement and compliments on our new townhouse! I’m so glad you like our new place and reading your comments got me inspired to get hustling and actually decorate…although it might have to wait until next week, I’m still so flipping tired! Besides moving, things have been really busy at the shop and we’ve got a few exciting trips, events and projects in our near future, including a vintage jaunt across the line into Washington State this weekend.  Many people are still surprised to hear that Spruce Collective offers vintage rentals for weddings and other events. This division has grown so fast for us over the last year and a half and so has our inventory! We’re literally bursting at the seams in our basement warehouse yet still keep managing to squeeze in more…we have 3 “new” couches out getting reupholstered as we speak! Each season, we try to showcase our collection and it’s always a creative and fun (not to mention exhausting!) day. Here’s a sneak peek at our latest feature for Spruce Vintage Rentals and you can see the entire catalogue here, ASSEMBLAGE: Spring/Summer 2014:

Spruce Vintage Rentals, All photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

View the entire collection, including pricing, here: Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage RentalsAll photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals

View the entire collection, including pricing, here: Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Spruce Vintage Rentals

Spruce Vintage Rentals photos by Cristal Sawatzky/Level 6 for Spruce Vintage Rentals.

Pretty, right? I’ll be sure to share more of my favourite pics from the photo shoot next week but in the meantime you can view our entire collection here at the Spruce Vintage Rentals website or view the rest of this season’s look book here,  ASSEMBLAGE: Spring/Summer 2014. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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