Oregon Bound!

Oregon Bound!

August 8, 2011

We’ve been planning this trip to Oregon for several months and it’s hard to believe that it’s finally here! We are spending a couple of days taking in the sights of Portland before meeting up with Rachel’s brood and two other families on the coast. I haven’t been to Portland in years but have been following a number of great blogs and Etsy artisans based in PDX for sometime. Brad and I are so excited to take the kids to the Oregon Zoo and the Portland Children’s Museum, with maybe a microbrewery and some tax-free shopping thrown in for good measure! I found a tonne of great information about sightseeing with kids around The City of Roses here at Travel Portland.

Portland seems to be a haven for creative minds, eco living and local flavour…


Jayme Anne Photography


Pigeon Toe Ceramics, Photographed by Lisa Warninger

Prunella Soap is owned by Janell Anderson, who uses a total of 35 ingredients to make each recipe of her delicious sounding soaps. She makes 16 different varieties of her Portland-based organic cold process soaps and I just love her idea of creating sampler packs! Perfect for wedding favours or other small gifts, don’t you think? Read more about Janell and her soap making process in this Etsy Featured Seller article.

Prunella Soap

Back to our sightseeing and then we’re off to the beach on Wednesday…fingers crossed for loads of sunshine!

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