Natural Collections

Natural Collections

September 12, 2011

Some people enjoy painting or creating art with their hands, well, I really enjoy putting together vignettes and fussing with my house.  Last week, I made a stop at a favourite thrift shop for some retail therapy and walked out with an oil painting, a globe and a metal box, all for $11.  In order, for my finds to fit in my decor, I spent a bit of time this weekend dusting and rearranging some of my collections. I haven’t done this in awhile and it’s something I really need to make myself do more often.  I noticed that I’ve accumulated quite the collection of pretty rocks and feathers from my girls.  It made me wonder how I could incorporate their curious finds into our home.

Old Brand New

AM Radio



Apartment Therapy

Pigeon Toe Ceramics

I’m pretty sure we all have a collection or two.  How do you display your collections?


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