Luxe Bathrooms…

Luxe Bathrooms…

December 1, 2010

We started renovating our 1973 rancher in October 2008. Long discussions took place…do we renovate or just move…where do we start…big budget or small…or should we just move. After doing a big of research on MLS, we decided we’d end up with much more of a house by renovating rather than moving especially if we stayed within our price range. It seemed like the logical choice.  So, we went to work on our main bath and ensuite. One had a leaky tub and the other a leaky toilet which is why we started there and not on our dark and dingy kitchen. I spent more time searching for good deals to match my great ideas which meant a lot of waiting which drove my husband crazy. Once everything (toilets, sinks, tiles, etc.) was stock piled in our basement, we went to work. Thank goodness for my handy husband! He came home from work only to strap on a tool belt to work on the bathrooms and woke up on the weekends to work on the bathrooms. And they all came together literally on Christmas Eve 2008. What a great Christmas present! And I love how they turned out. Worth every blood, sweat and tear…and penny.

Now as much as I love our bathrooms still to this day, they are nothing like these dreamy bathrooms.  Lily featured the kitchen of the lovely Meg Ryan in her Decorating with White post awhile back and her bathroom or one of her bathrooms is just as nice.  It’s industrial, rustic and chic all at the same time.  Check out her vanity.  Aren’t those bricks?

Don’t you just love a white bathroom?  It’s so fresh and clean.  The vintage choices for this bright bathroom will be in for a long time to come.  And your options are endless with white as your base.  Just swap all your accessories and linens and you have a brand new look that could even sway towards the modern side of things.

Speaking of accessories, I found these frosty bottles from Pottery Barn.  I love the colour and the etching will keep them looking a little less dusty than your clear glass option.  Add a little bit of nature with this beautiful sea sponge from Anthropologie.  I came across Turkish towels on another blog awhile back.  This traditional cotton towel is hand-woven and dries quicker than the towels we are used to.  I imagine it to be like an absorbent blanket.  How great would that be after a hot soak?

My dream bathroom would definitely have windows like these.  It would be so heavenly to walk into a sun-filled bathroom in the morning.  The amber apothecary bottles perched on that rustic shelf remind me of a set we have in our shop.  The mat on the floor is actually a piece on an old wooden conveyor belt.  I could go for a long soak in that tub gazing out into my rolling pastures…

This bathroom is in an apartment in Manhattan, just where I imagined it to be.  That shower and tub combination would be  so great, especially for kids who love to splash half the bath water out onto the floor.  All the metal detail adds a nice industrial touch and that stool is to die for.

Cory, the creator, of Sweet Petula has a wonderful assortment of soaps, lotions, balms, fizzies  and so much more that would be perfect for you and your bathroom.  She’s been creating bath and beauty products since 1993.  All her hard work has definitely paid off with features in several high profile magazines and she is currently creating a special potion for Anthropologie!  The first thing that drew me into her shop was her packaging, so very pretty.  And there is still time to put in your order for Christmas.

Time for a bath?

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