Light it Up

Light it Up

November 10, 2011

As Rachel mentioned, we’re in the midst of crafting up a Christmas storm over here at Birch + Bird and I must say that, although it’s been ages since I’ve made anything with my hands, I’m pretty impressed with how our handiwork is turning out! We’ll be sure to share some of our DIY ideas with you a little closer to Christmas…if we can make them, you definitely can too!

Amidst all of our crafting, my house is looking very bare as we dive into painting mode. It’s all sanded (yes, we’re painting over old oil paint…boo!), filled and TSP’d and I’m hoping to get my paintbrush wet early this afternoon, after a little time in my daughter’s kindergarten class and then a quick market meeting over at the EcoDairy. Busy days! But I did have enough time the other night to make the exciting online purchase of two of these West Elm glass globe pendants (seen below) and I can’t wait to show you where we’ll be installing them after our walls are freshly coated in white! I was ready to purchase the cluster pendant as well but, alas, the cords were too short for my vaulted ceiling. Sigh. Did you notice those amazing gold pendants in Rachel’s post yesterday? With new light fixtures on my mind, they reminded me of what a key feature lighting can be to a space…

West Elm

West Elm

Skona Hem via Bright.Bazaar


Concord Green

Canadian House & Home

Analeenas Hem

Although most of the big box stores have pretty slim pickings when it comes to unique and stylish lighting, it is possible to find affordable options with a little bit of effort. Vintage, handmade and upcycled lighting is very on trend right now and there are some beautifully crafted fixtures to be found on Etsy and elsewhere. Some favourites that I Pinned recently are these demijohn pendants discovered at an Arizona restaurant by Meesh of I Dream of Chairs while on a recent holiday…aren’t they stunning?

I Dream of Chairs

Better Homes & Gardens

Canadian House & Home

Atlanta Homes

Is lighting a priority when you decorate or more of an afterthought? It’s definitely become more of a priority for me in recent years, especially with our damp and often dreary winters here on the West Coast. In fact, the first thing we changed when moving in just over 3 years ago was the majority of the lighting in our home and these pendants will replace the last of the originals. Have a bright Thursday!

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