Less is More: Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

Less is More: Christmas Trees for Small Spaces

December 11, 2013

Man, this Holiday season is ticking right along, isn’t it? I’ve made a decent dent in my Christmas shopping but still have a ways to go, how about you? Things looked pretty festive this week with a fresh dusting of snow too. Not enough for a snow day or driving headaches, just enough to make everything look magical! Brad and I are sticklers for a freshly cut tree in our house but I know not everyone has the space for a full grown Christmas tree. When the kiddos were toddlers, we chose smaller tabletop versions of Herr Tannenbaum (to keep little hands from pulling down ornaments) and I really loved how easily they fit into our home decor. Presents actually displayed better too, piled under the table, so I thought I’d share a variety of petite trees perfect for spaces large or small:

Holiday styling. Photo by Petra Bindel.Petra Bindel

Mer MagMer Mag

via Design MomDesign Mom

Cardboard ChristmasCardboard Christmas

Les Tissus ColbertLes Tissus Colbert

Dreamy WhitesDreamy Whites

Cute, right? We have a mini tree for the kids set up on our dining room credenza this year (to avoid any arguments as to who’s bedroom it should belong in!) and it’s full of bright baubles and handmade trinkets that they’ve made over the years. They love it (I do too!) and are always rearranging the snow globes and other decorations underneath. Hope you’re having a great week so far!

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