January 31, 2012

I should have known better than to boast about all the sleeping in I was hoping to do this past weekend.  Like Lily, a lot of my time was spent nursing sick kids back to health.  So, no sleep-ins for me but I did manage to squeeze in a nap which made up the difference ever so slightly.  Thankfully, my girls were brave patients and they bounced back to health, ready and raring to go to school on Monday.   Lily mentioned yesterday that we put our plans for a Spring market on hold. I have to admit that we are both feeling a little down about the whole thing. It seemed like the right decision all things considered.  However, when one door closes another one opens. Right?

 Moises Esquenazi & Associates via CocoCozy

Chimay Bleue


 Laidlaw Schultz Architects

 Jose Villa

 Smith & Hawken

 10 Downing Street


 News from Colourman

  Domino November 2008

I wouldn’t mind seeing behind Door #1 and #6.  How about you?

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