House Tour: Amy + David Butler

House Tour: Amy + David Butler

May 17, 2011

As Rachel said yesterday, life has been extremely busy lately, especially this weekend…phewf! But in one of my very few downtime moments, I happened to come across the incredible Granville, Ohio home of David and Amy Butler and it literally took my breath away! Featured on Apartment Therapy last month, each room is more stunning than the last and the exterior is equally breathtaking. From the vaulted ceilings to the rustic floors, to the use of pattern, vintage finds and midcentury furniture throughout, this home immediately skyrocketed to the top of my all-time favourites list. The first photo that I laid my eyes on (via Pinterest, of course) was of the front door and I absolutely love how you can see straight through to the valley views beyond. I’ve always been a fan of Amy’s textile design and it’s no wonder that she is continually inspired when living and working in a space such as this. Her studio is on the lower level, which also appears to be flooded with natural light. Sigh. I know that I’ve repeatedly shared with you my love of white kitchens but I’m pretty sure that Amy’s rustic wood renovation has won me over. Isn’t it so unique yet somehow timeless at the same time? And it’s built for entertaining. Big time. This house is meant for parties! And the landscaping? Equally gorgeous and lovingly designed and built by Amy and David themselves. I want this house!

Photos by David Butler via Apartment Therapy

In the interview, Amy gives some sound renovating advice, “Living in your house for awhile before making changes is a good thing. See how you really live in the space and you?ll make different decisions about changes or upgrades. Don?t rush into the design if you don?t have to.” I wholeheartedly agree and this home is the perfect example of why thoughtful planning makes it well worth the wait! Be sure to visit Apartment Therapy for even more beautiful photos.

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