Hip Hop: DIY Easter Egg RoundUp

Hip Hop: DIY Easter Egg RoundUp

March 27, 2013

Admittedly, aside from Christmas, I’m not big on seasonal decorating for individual holidays and I give myself a shiny gold star if we actually get around to dying eggs at Easter. But after seeing the following eggshell succulent planters over at Le Robin’s Nest, I could very well change my tune! I managed to find even more egg-celent (sorry!) Easter-inspired DIY’s that step outside the food colouring box and thought I’d share some of my faves with you today…

Le Robin’s Nest

Joy Ever After




Rook No. 17

The Sweetest Occasion

Rifle Paper Co.

Do you celebrate Easter? If so, do you decorate your entire house or stick to dying eggs? We’ll be spending the long weekend with family, heading off to church (it’s been far too long!) and setting up egg hunts for the kiddos. I’ll be enjoying some extra days off but will share some gorgeous pics from our last shop photo shoot when I’m back next Wednesday. Happy Easter and/or Happy Long Weekend!

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