Hello, Weekend!

Hello, Weekend!

June 1, 2012

Ah, yes, the weekend is here and it will be much more relaxed than the last! I’m looking forward to resting my brain and catching up with some friends with lots of chill time fit in for our own little family. We don’t have a whole lot on the agenda except for brunch with friends after a local parade, going out for drinks for a friend’s birthday and then Rachel + I get to have a little spa day with some other friends on Sunday .  I have high hopes that Brad and the kids will let me sleep in a little bit and that the rest of the weekend will look a little something like this…


Serena & Lily

A.W. Frederick via OEN

Sunday Suppers

EST Magazine

What do you have on the agenda? I’m thinking that some R&R will be just what the doctor ordered to get me feeling back to my usual self again. That and some much needed sleep! Oh, and you can read more about Rachel + I over at Hodge:Podge today…the lovely Barbara included us in her So Canadian, Eh? interview series. And come visit me over at Poppytalk for my latest guest post featuring edible gardens…lots of Sunday morning reading for you! Have a wonderful weekend!

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