Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

July 22, 2011

My heart always does this little skip when I see the latest Anthropologie catalogue in my mailbox.  The mailman dropped one off yesterday and it doesn’t disappoint.  Since it’s Friday, would you like to come shopping with me?  Here are all my favourites…

Lemon Liftoff Blouse $118. High IQ Corduroys $128.

All Aflutter Blouse $88. Colorblocked Sweater Skirt $118.

Sheer Petals Jacket $138. Soft Bands Tee $48. Elevenses High-waist Trousers $118.

Wavering Grid Dress $148.

Collecting Dots Dress $198.

Clover Grains Tee $68. Elevenses High-waist Trousers $118.

Marled Bands Pullover $128. AG Stevie Ankle $158.

Traced & Tabbed Buttondown $88. Last Blooming Skirt $ 158.

Drape & Twist Tee $58. Square Study Skirt $148.

So, what did you pick?

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