Glass Vessels

Glass Vessels

June 1, 2011

Yesterday I couldn’t help but check in on some of my favourite thrift shops.  I was kidless and had a some free time between appointments so why not?  At one stop, I was immediately drawn to a collection of four demijohns perched high up on a shelf just waiting to go home with someone.  I’ve noticed them sitting pretty in the background of trendy spaces, lately.  And I couldn’t help but fall in love.



Demijohns, or carboys as they are also known, were used to transport fluid and now mainly to ferment wine or beer.  Regardless of their original use, the form and colour add such interest to a space.


Jessica Helgerson

They look lovely on their own or in groups and their weighty presence makes them perfectly capable of holding up a freshly pruned branch.  And I love the shine and sparkle.




I stood and looked at those four shiny demijohns for a long time but in the end, I left them for someone else.  I didn’t really need them and I’m certain I’ll come across some more in my junk hunts when I do.

By Fryd

Annaleenas HEM

On Wednesdays, we normally work but today we are booked for a massage at The Wild Orange Spa.  I can’t wait, it’s been a long time coming.  I think I’ll be a puddle of goo by the end of the day.

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