Gallery Walls: A quick fix.

Gallery Walls: A quick fix.

June 15, 2011

Today’s topic is one I had scheduled for Monday but I get distracted sometimes, especially by pretty, shiny things, like Japanese Washi tape.  So, here it is today.  It’s been ages now since our household made the switch to the digital camera.  We’ve gone through a few and I’m dreaming of an upgrade.  I think one of the best things to come from the digital camera is that we are now longer left to deal with heaps of photographs.  Organizing them.  Storing the negatives for later use or to save them from burning in a house fire.  Putting the photographs into albums and finding a place to keep all these albums.  On the otherhand, one of the worst things to come from the digital camera is that we don’t develop photographs as much as we should.

little brown pen

When our computer was in a more high traffic area, I would put the slideshow on for the girls but now that I use a laptop I rarely do this.  It got me thinking about how I should really display more images of our life together instead of just hiding them away on my backed up hard drive that is in a theft and fire proof safe.  What good are they there?

1. Remodelista 2. ohdeedoh

miss vu

I love the statement gallery walls make but they aren’t always cost effective.  Art, not to mention frames, cost money.  And you need to be somewhat patient as you wait to find complimentary pieces.  I love the idea of grouping unframed photographs on a wall.  This just might be the answer to that bare wall that’s been on my mind.

Just Hatched


Oh, here’s that Japanese Washi tape again…

Living Etc. via Poppytalk

So, what do you think?  Perfect or far too casual?




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