Etsy Feature: Jenna Rose Handmade

Etsy Feature: Jenna Rose Handmade

January 20, 2012

How was your week? Mine seemed to go by very slow in the beginning (we finally got our snow days, yay!) and then suddenly sped right on up. And now it’s Friday and we woke up a coating of very icy snow over our town so it’s another slow and homebound snow day for us, which is quite alright by me and the kids! I’ve been feeling like I’ve got a lot going on in my head, ideas and plans for the year ahead, but haven’t been making a lot of headway finalizing decisions and making headway. Do you ever have that feeling? I think it’s time to take a step back and stop adding things to my list until I’ve crossed at least one or two off!

The featured seller on Etsy this week, Jenna Rose Handmade, caught my eye and I just had to share some of her beautiful textiles with you. Jenna illustrates each design by hand before screen printing them onto natural and organic materials. She uses only non-toxic, water based pigments and mixes the colours in small runs before hand printing them onto the cloth. Her Etsy feature gives an inside look into what inspires her work and design process and I love that her patterns are completely hand drawn, not computer generated…

Yellow Honeycomb Pillow

Etsy Feature: Jenna Rose Handmade

The Ships pattern is my particular favourite and I know at least a few friends who would be happy to receive any of these nautical printed goodies…which would you choose?

Ships Bucket

1. Gray Ships Pillow 2. Ships Large Zipper Tote 3. Ships Pouch 4. Gray Ships Tea Towel

Hemp Jersey Cowl

Gray Bikes Organic Cotton Blanket

Birds of an Old-Growth Forest Poster

Honeycomb Bucket

Etsy Feature: Jenna Rose Handmade

I find the whole screen printing process fascinating and would love to take a class and try it out someday. I’m always so awestruck by talented artisans and wonder what inspired them to try their craft for the first time. And how long did they wait to actually try it before discovering that it was their calling? Who knows, maybe there’s a budding artist in all of us! Have a wonderful weekend!

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