Easter Break

Easter Break

April 4, 2012

Just in case you forgot to look at the calendar like I did, Easter is just around the corner!  I’ve had other things on my mind like how to transfer over our BC vehicle insurance to Florida and which of the 30 insurance companies can offer us the best rate.  Exciting stuff!  No wonder time got away on me.  This will mark the first holiday that we celebrate away from our family so Easter will definitely feel different this year and I hope that colored eggs, Easter egg hunts and brunch will make it feel almost right.  My Easter basket supplies and decor are in storage right now so the girls and I will have to improvise this week with some paper crafts and fresh flowers.  And maybe we’ll even try making some of my mom’s Paska which is a yummy sweet bread slathered in white icing.  Yum.  I tried making it last year but it didn’t go so well so I hope this year my efforts don’t flop because door to door Paska service isn’t available this year.  Maybe a Skype baking lesson is in order?  What time honored Easter traditions do you follow?

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Lily mentioned to me yesterday that it’s been a long time since we’ve had a blog break and I had to agree.  So our Easter holiday will extend throughout next week and we’ll be back the following Monday.  We’ll be able to catch up to our to-do lists, market planning, tax prep and maybe have some extra family time.  Who knows?  If my Paska baking doesn’t go so well, maybe I can use the extra time to perfect my technique?

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