Displaying Your Collectibles…

Displaying Your Collectibles…

November 17, 2010

I’m pretty sure you have at least one or two collections.  I think it’s fair to say that we all have at least one.  And maybe you haven’t even realized it.  Avid collector, Lisa Cogden, commited 2010 to documenting collections.  Some are her own and some imagined.  Her photographs and illustrations are inspiring and nostalgic.  She made me rethink my “Where’s Waldo” approach to displaying my collectibles.

I think I just might go through my house and do a bit of rearranging.  Grouping like objects together certainly has impact, especially when they are similar in colour.  Don’t you agree?  I first discovered Jadite Kate’s etsy shop and then I was pleasantly surprised to find that she also has a blog.  And all of a sudden, I want a Jadite collection.  Her personal stash of Jadite, Fire King and Hazel Atlas glassware is so very lovely.

Victoria, from sfgirlbybay, has a mysterious collection of vintage portraits and seascapes that I covet.  Aren’t they so very interesting?  Who are those people anyways?

A collection is an extension of who you are and the reason why you collect a certain item is personal.  Don’t shy away from displaying what you love.  If you are into the quirky side of things then Steve Erenberg is right up your alley.  For all things odd Radio guy probably has what you`ve never even thought existed.  His collection is fairly fantastic, to say the least.

Martha Stewart always proves to be a reliable source for anything to with everyday life.  And her homes showcase all her wonderful collections.  While soaking up some Martha, I came across this magnificent display of colourful cafe au lait bowls that belong to James Dunlinson and his partner, Alistair Turnball.  I can just imagine myself standing there in the morning trying to decide from which bowl to sip my freshly made latte.

Now as you rearrange your decor for all the upcoming Christmas festivities, it might be a good time to rediscover (or discover) your collections.  Why not incorporate them into the holiday cheer?

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