Dark and Moody…Stormy Wall Colours

Dark and Moody…Stormy Wall Colours

November 8, 2010

It must have been the amazing storm clouds Rachel and I saw billowing over the mountains today, or maybe the fact that I’ll soon be painting out my own smoky grey walls, but I found myself drawn to show you all some dark and moody rooms. They bring such warmth to a space and I do love the contrast with natural wood tones and how artwork pops from a dusky backdrop. As you’ll see from the photos below, dark need not be cave-like or overly masculine..far from it!

I found these photos on Design Shimmer and the wall colour is almost identical to what’s in my space now…makes me almost rethink going white…almost! Lovely photos by Craig Wall.

Design Shimmer

I would love to attend a dinner party in either of the next two spaces…the mix of rustic wood, vintage finds and industrial elements just set the tone for great conversation. And that amazing light bulb chandelier is actually a diy project made from 100 bulbs…fabulous!

1. Skona Hem 2. Design Sponge, photo credit William Brinson

From the kitchen to the bath and bedroom, spaces small and large can break the so-called rules and step over to the dark side. I am loving this bedroom’s upholstered wall …so dramatic and the perfect way to warm up an otherwise white room.

1. Desire to Inspire 2. Caldwell Flake 3. Country Living 4. Tine K Home, photo Mikkel Adsbol

Sfgirlbybay is a favourite blog of mine and I was thrilled to see Victoria Smith’s home featured in the launch issue of Rue Magazine. Her choice of chalkboard black walls is anything but dreary…I love how her white furnishings are highlighted by such a dark backdrop. And I’m coveting so many of her vintage pieces!

Home of Victoria Smith featured in Rue Magazine. Photo credit Tiny Water Photography.

You’ve probably seen her lovely work floating around blog-land or featured in homes like Victoria’s (above left), but I couldn’t feature dark walls without bringing some attention to Shanna Murray’s sweet chalk-like wall and window decals. I’d find it hard to choose just one of her garlands + tidings but here are some of my top picks…

1. All the Stars 2. Olive Branch Garland 3. Magnolia Garland + Tiding 4. Citrus Garland

Looking for some drama in your home? This kitchen by S.R. Gambrel is so striking in contrast and I love the addition of the white open shelves against the black subway tile, not to mention everything else in the room! Well, the floors are a little bit busy for me but the table and benches are to die for! And who wouldn’t love this butler’s pantry for entertaining? Tall, dark and so very handsome, just the way I like ’em!

S.R. Gambrel

Rain for the week ahead is predicted for those of us living on Canada’s West Coast but I’d be happy to spend a day of any weather in any of these rooms. I’d also love to hear your thoughts…do you lean towards light or dark walls in your own homes? Do share…

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