Crisp and Rustic

Crisp and Rustic

August 29, 2011

I have to say that I’m glad that this weekend is over.  Not that it wasn’t enjoyable, it most certainly was.  It was just so crazy busy that I’m looking forward to getting back on track.  My husband was also away on a business trip so I was a single parent and I’ll be happy to see him walk through the door later on this afternoon.  Lily and I had a work night on Friday night.  We do this occasionally to power through together and it eliminates the need for a sitter.  The kids love “real” sleepovers and they always have a blast.  We managed to sneak in a few re-runs of Mad Men for research purposes.

1. AM Radio 2. Amanda McLauchlan

Saturday evening, we met up with all the families we went to Oregon with plus many more for a barbeque.  I think the kid count was up around 25!  The food was amazing especially the burgers and a lovely Beet Salad that I’m still dreaming about.  Then Sunday, we met up with family at a local park for a picnic lunch and to play in the splash park.  My mom ended up taking my girls for one last sleep over before they go back to school and I got to spend the evening all by myself.  Ahh.

Apartment Therapy

So, today is clean up day and I’ve got a quite a few piles to take care of.  I don’t know if you do this around your house but when we get caught up in activities we tend to do the “dump and run”.  I really wish that the end of summer wasn’t so near but with school starting very soon, it’s hard not to think about the Fall and I’m feeling like I should be a more organized than I am.  Oh well.  Emma showed off this stunner of a kitchen last week and I loved. loved. loved. everything about it.

Leslie Unruh

My walls are a little dinged up and will probably need to be repainted sooner than I had hoped.  I’d love to try white but I haven’t even begun to figure out which one would be just right or if it would even be the route to go.  Our house is north facing and is surrounded by trees that cast a green glow at times.  Have you  painted any rooms white lately?  What white did you settle on?

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1. Amanda McLauchlan 2. AM Radio

Red Online

If haven’t heard already, we’re giving away a hardcover copy of  The Meghan Method to one of our lucky readers!  We’ll be announcing the winner on Friday so stop by last Thursdays post for your chance to enter.  Have a great week!

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