Colour Love: Seeing Green + Thoughts on Blogging

Colour Love: Seeing Green + Thoughts on Blogging

October 8, 2014

I’m feeling a little bit under the weather with a cold but the slim silver lining of some sniffle-induced downtime has been catching up on my stack of design mags and some favourite blogs. As someone with a blog, it’s kind of ironic how few blogs I actually read myself these days. After being on the computer for much of the day for work, it seems far easier to scroll through my favourite bloggers on Instagram instead…instant gratification, I suppose? I’ve noticed this shift in my own habits for awhile (and it’s also been a topic of discussion with my Spruce partners) so I found this NY Times article especially interesting while browsing last night.  I’m a little late to the conversation (ironic since I was on my own blogging break when the article came out!) but can totally relate to both blogger-burnout and creative burnout in general. There were some really great responses to the article from some of the bloggers featured (here, here and here) but I’m curious to know what your thoughts on the shift in social media are. Have your own online habits changed recently? Please share…

Photo by Michael Graydon for House & Home MagazinePhoto by Michael Graydon for House & Home Magazine

Photo by Luisa Brimble for Local MilkPhoto by Luisa Brimble for Local Milk

Idha LindhagPhoto by Idha Lindhag via SF Girl by Bay

"Watching Trees" by Clare Elsaesser“Watching Trees” by Clare Elsaesser

Brunswick Cafe, Brooklyn NYBrunswick Cafe, Brooklyn NY via Remodelista

These spaces have nothing to do with blogging except for the fact that they inspire me…which is the whole reason I started this little blog with Rachel so many moons ago 🙂

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