Colour Love: Real Life Confessions + Plenty of Pink

Colour Love: Real Life Confessions + Plenty of Pink

February 5, 2014

This week hasn’t felt especially “busy” per say but I must admit that I’m in a total rut when it comes to housework and home organization and it’s really bogging me down. Spending my days at the shop (which I love!) makes the afternoons of picking up kids, sporadic grocery shopping and frenzied dinner/homework/bedtimes a total rush/blur/cranky mess and I’ve pretty much been a cranky beast. I have got to get it under control (or at least manageable!) but I’m having a hard time getting out of my slump. It’s Sadie’s birthday this weekend so I forced (ahem) pushed myself to finally hang a gallery wall in her room last night (something I would usually totally enjoy!) but I started too late, throwing off bedtime and my overall mood.  But, silver lining, Sadie’s gallery wall looks great and I’m so glad I powered through. I just found this “Brave Girl” download that I’ll be printing off asap to add to it too, cute right? Since her room is mostly black, white + pink I thought the rest of these images were fitting too:

Danielle Burkleo: Free Printable! Free Printable by Danielle Burkleo

100 Layer Cake:Modern Pink + Black + White Party Ideas100 Layer Cake

The Everygirl: Kristin Jackson Home TourThe Everygirl

Butter's Shaped Cookies. Photo by Janis Nicolay.Janis Nicolay

Agent Bauer: Marcus LawettAgent Bauer: Marcus Lawett

Baker's Royale: Blushing Kiss MartiniBaker’s Royale: Blushing Kiss Martini

Any working moms or dads out there? Or worker bees in general? How on earth do you keep up appearances at home? My creative and renovation ambitions seem to leave themselves at Spruce these days and, let’s face it, I’m flipping’ tired by the time I get the kiddos in bed! But I generally do well under pressure and we’ve got 2 parties here this weekend so that’s motivation enough to hustle and get things somewhat in order. Just don’t open any closets if you happen to pop by for a visit! What motivates you to get sh#t done? Please share!

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