Christmas for the Kids

Christmas for the Kids

December 2, 2010

Christmas is such a magical time when you’re a kid. I have so many great memories of my own childhood traditions like making gingerbread houses with my mom and sister, a tradition that my mom carries on with our kids. Having my own children has brought that magical feeling back to the holidays. It’s so amazing to see everything through their eyes and to feel their excitement in everything…from our neighbors’ colourful Christmas lights going on (starting 3 weeks ago!) to the latest toy store flyers (shredded from everything they cut out to add to their lists) to the Christmas carols being practiced for school concerts (sung at full blast in the bath and shower)! It is so much fun and makes me feel so very blessed to have little people to teach Christmas traditions to, both old and new. And what better traditions than those that involve giving handmade gifts to others? Each of these would be so much more meaningful for a grandparent, teacher or friend than something off of the pre-boxed gift set rack…

1. Country Living 2. Martha Stewart 3. Martha Stewart 4. Martha Stewart 5. Design*Sponge 6. Better Homes and Gardens

For budding little artists and crafters, here are some excellent supplies for future projects. I love the chalkboard paint jar labels and what a great way to break up those Costco sized boxes of crayons between my 3 kids! The happy faced buttons are way too cute and could be used in so many ways, sewn onto clothing or even glued onto cards or gift tags. Colouring kits are perfect for traveling or just for keeping all those colours organized. And my daughter, Sadie, would especially love painting her own acorns…my guess is they’d all end up purple and pink!

1. Better Homes and Gardens 2. Sewing Bee Shop 3. Goose Grease Undone 4. Buttons and Badges

Now, I know some of you may think I’m cruel, but the Christmas tree in our home is my domain. Brad strings the lights and then I take charge! I know, Christmas is about the kids, right? Well, not when it comes to our lovely tree! But I did feel slightly guilty last year when I came across the shoebox of lovingly glittered and bedazzled ornaments handmade over the past few years of school and preschool so I went out and found a small tree just for the kids. We put it on the girls’ dresser and they proudly decorated it this weekend with all colours of the rainbow, Hotwheels and My Little Pony ornaments galore! We’ll alternate who’s bedroom it goes in each year but I think it’s a fair trade…don’t you?

1. Just Pretty 2. Sew Natural 3. KG Sweets 4. Sushipot

I wonder how many kids would try to eat that gumdrop wreath? Very tempting! The felted ornaments would be safe options for toddlers as would the vintage puzzle piece ornaments. I love that idea! We often come across puzzles with missing pieces in our thrift treks and what better way to put cute ones to use. The mini gingerbread houses that fit onto mugs are another fabulous idea…what a sweet treat apres ski or for Christmas morning. This felted ball wreath is so amazing…kids and adults alike would just want to reach out and touch it!


Another memory of the holidays were the Christmas outfits my mom would usually make or buy for us. I’m pretty sure I remember shiny shoes! A certain four year old in our house has the best pair of glittery gold mary-janes just waiting to go up on stage this weekend! Here are some other cute finds for all of the family gatherings and events starting to fill up the calendar…

1. Super Sweet Creations 2. Noah and Lilah 3. Little Bunny Legs 4. Funky Monkey Threads

I did get my advent tree set up while Gabe and Sadie were at school today…Lilah tried to help but knocked the vase over twice and stepped in doggy do while picking up sticks…but my pictures turned out horribly and it got dark before I had time to re-take them. I’ll try to get some better pics to post for you but it does look really cute and the kids loved opening their first package of treats tonight!

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