Bright Bits: It’s All in the Details

Bright Bits: It’s All in the Details

April 29, 2013

How was your weekend? Mine was full (in a good way) and it’s time to jump right on into a fresh new week. Can you believe it’s the end of April? I honestly don’t know where the month went. It’s raining now but Scratch that….the clouds miraculously disappeared! And there’s plenty more sunshine in the forecast, drawing my eye to bright colour bursts and bold spaces. I can’t seem to get enough of layered texture and patterns and have become mildly obsessed in my hunt for the perfect Persian rug to add some flavour to our living room. It’s out there somewhere!

 Style by Emily Henderson


Isn’t this dish collection amazing? Love the shallow open shelves too. And I just bought a bright green filing cabinet from the shop (it actually didn’t even make it in the door…went straight from Elisa’s trunk into mine!) but love the idea of spraying multiple filing cabinets a bright colour for more functional storage like the yellow ones below…

Country Living

Camille Styles

Vintage Revivals

Janis Nicolay

Laure Joliet

Isn’t that honeycomb wall incredible? My girls would be in heaven if they had  that in their room! Is that enough colour to cheer you up this Monday morning? I hope so. Time to refill my coffee before tackling the first of several to-do lists. Enjoy your day 🙂

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