Be creative…

Be creative…

January 26, 2011

During our Blogging Your Way e-course, Lily and I were asked to put together an inspiration board.  I really loved it and I’ve thought ever since that I really should put together boards more often or at least have a place to post anything that inspires me in plain sight.  Here are a few ideas that I found to move past the “file it away in a binder” stage.

Chances are that everything you come across is something you love, so why hide it away.  Using a large frame and bulletin board is a good place to start.  And don’t go out and spend a lot on a new frame, thrift shops have plenty to choose from for much less.  A can of spray paint in the colour of your choice will make it feel more at home.  If that seems like too much work, then I love this clip board idea.  It’s neat and tidy and making changes would be so easy.  Again, source these clip boards at thrift shops.

If you have big ideas, then just go with it!  I’m aiming for something like this.  And I love the antlers.

Go…be creative.

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