Barn House Vintage Marketplace

Barn House Vintage Marketplace

August 3, 2011

I’ve found myself drooling over the Barn House photographs that are popping up all over the internet and  I’m feeling a little down that Lily and I didn’t work a visit into our weekend plans.  First Farm Chicks and now Barn House…boo.  We could have blamed it on research and discovery for the Fieldstone Vintage Market and our Birch + Bird shop, right?  We’ve been watching what’s going on across the border for some time now and it’s definitely something to aspire to and the Barn House Boys pulled out all the stops.

Lily and I have been thrifting for a very long time now, you could probably call us professional thrifters.  Not every day is a good day in the world of thrift but every once and awhile, you hit the mother load.  I think that’s why we love vintage markets so much.  So many treasures all in one place.  A vintage lovers heaven.

Luckily, for those of us who missed out on this fantastic market, Michael Jardine captured all of these images and it’s clear why we should be sure to visit the next one.

We don’t have near enough vintage markets in our neck of the woods but it feels like the time is right and slowly but surely they are popping up here and there.  Are you an avid thrifter or a vintage market junkie?


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