Artist Feature: Janet Hill

Artist Feature: Janet Hill

October 13, 2011

I’m always on the hunt for original and affordable art for our home. While perusing the pages of this month’s edition of Matchbook Magazine, I came across a beautiful article featuring the paintings of Janet Hill. From home interiors, still life, and an assortment of portraits, Janet’s use of vibrant colours and unexpected subjects made me an instant fan, not to mention some of her cheeky titles like, “Max and His Matinee Idol Good Looks” and “Sly as a Faux Fox Dress”. I was even more thrilled to find out that she has an Etsy shop with affordable giclee prints…I’m just having trouble picking out a single favourite!

Janet Hill earned a Fine Art’s Degree from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and now lives in Stratford, Ontario with her husband. Like many of us, her career path has evolved and I loved Janet’s answer in the Matchbook article to the question of what advice she would creative-minded folks cautiously waiting to put their talents to work…”I’ve failed at most things I’ve tried. It makes you a more interesting person. To me, the worst part is to never have tried. I think that often in life you get back what you give, and if you don’t just roll up you sleeves and get down to business then you’ve automatically failed without having a good story to tell about it.” Great advice, don’t you think? The rest of her interview with Shannon Darrough was a really interesting read too.

Janet Hill

Be sure to check out Janet’s Etsy shop for many more of her amazing images, as well as her website and blog. Enjoy!

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