A Colourful Harvest

A Colourful Harvest

October 17, 2012

It’s been another busy week already and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be able to sit back and put my feet up…not for a while, I’m thinking! The shop has been really steady and there’s always something to do between ordering new stock, hunting for “new” vintage treasure and reorganizing the space itself. Yesterday I brought a load of pumpkins, fresh from my father-in-law’s back field, over to the shop and the front porch is finally looking ready for the Fall. I also snipped quite a few trimmings from around my backyard and its amazing what some colourful (and free!) branches can add to a corner. Do you have a certain harvest look for the Fall or do you wait to dive in at Christmas? Rich autumn hues are so easy to work with (as are most of nature’s colours) and I love the warmth they bring to a space…


Photo by Bjorn Wallander for Country Living

Photo by Jen Huang for Design*Sponge

Flower Patch Farm Girl

Katie’s Pencil Box


Beach Blues via One Wed

We got a great demo of our new line of CeCe Caldwell’s chalk + clay paint on Monday night and I’m excited to dip in and try it out on some unsuspecting pumpkins at the shop today…and maybe a few spare canning jars too! I’ll see what happens before promising to share pics though 🙂 I also tried out that Lemony Pesto Pasta recipe on my family the other night and guess what? They liked it! And it literally only took me 15 minutes to whip up. Win win. Did you know that its Small Business Saturday across Canada in a few days? Celebrate small businesses and entrepreneurs in your neighbourhood by shopping local this weekend!

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