It’s Party Time! Some Sweet DIY’s to Share…

February 13, 2013

As promised, I’m here to share some pretty pics and DIY’s from Sadie’s seventh birthday party that we hosted at Spruce last Friday. She’s been planning her crafty party in the workshop for months and it was so cute watching all the four-seven year olds trying to be ladylike in such a grownup space :) Because our back room is already so pretty, I didn’t even think about actual party decorations until about an hour before the kiddos arrived…whoops! But lucky for me there were plenty of creative supplies on hand! I rolled out a kraft paper runner for the tea party table and painted it with as many sweet sounding words starting with S that I could think of. Then I “borrowed” some goodies from around the shop (Jessica made the heart/string art and Monica strung the vintage doilies), brought in some fresh flowers and ordered child-sized High Tea from Tracycakes. I think it turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself…

Another last minute decision was our DIY craft. Sadie and I had originally thought we’d try making polymer clay bead necklaces (like these) but without an oven at the store, I thought it might prove too tricky. We then decided to pick up terra cotta pots from the Dollar Store for her friends to paint until we started setting up for the tea party with our stash of mismatched cups and saucers…light bulb! We’ve got a number of Pebeo Porcelaine paint pens on hand from past classes and we have a wide variety of permanent markers, which also work great on porcelain. I happened to find some strong multi-purpose glue in the storage room that is strong enough for ceramic and had already purchased spring bulbs and divided them up into smaller pieces. So basically, it cost me the price of the plants…win win! It didn’t take long for Sadie and her 7 friends to get busy…

Step 1: Draw directly onto the teacup and saucer with Pebeo pens or permanent marker. Images will be much more durable if baked in the oven, according to instructions, but I wasn’t too worried about  things being dishwasher safe for this craft. This is Lilah’s saucer below ;)

Step 2: Use a minimal amount of ceramic-strength glue to affix teacup to saucer. Press firmly and let dry for one hour, or according to instructions.

3. After glue has dried, plant spring bulbs or other flowers gently in teacup. Lightly water.

4. Top with a gold critter of your choice! These ones were ones that I spray painted gold for a past terrarium class…love the hippo!

And voila! A messy but fun little party craft perfect for kids and adults alike! Pretty cute, right? Most importantly, the birthday girl was happy as could be!


Family Day!

February 11, 2013

Today is our first ever February stat holiday, Family Day, so I’ll be hanging with the kiddos while Brad is flying South to Florida for a dude’s week away. I know, I know…let’s just call it “leverage” for my next girls getaway :) I’m super jealous that he’ll be staying with Rachel and her family but I’m glad that at least one of us could make the trip for now. If you live in BC, how will you be spending the day today? The sun is shining so we’re off to walk the dog, hit the skate park and see where the day takes us. Happy Family Day and I’ll be back with pics of Sadie’s birthday party on Wednesday!

Oh, and this is a pretty standard shot of our front entryway, fyi! Can anyone relate? See you soon…



Pink + Gold + A Special Birthday

February 8, 2013

This week felt like a bit of a big blur with sick kids, lack of sleep and the hustle and bustle of life at the shop but here we are at Friday and what a special Friday it is…our sweet Sadie is 7 today! I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect combination of creative/feisty/sensitive/funny/beautiful/kind/inquisitive/shy and the all around bright light that makes up our sweet girl and I feel beyond blessed to be her mom! Our little lady has a love of glitter, sketches up a storm daily, devours books like they’re candy and is already planning our first trip to Paris together…my kind of girl!

Cake Events

Vintage Dish

The Dieline

Here’s a little peek at some gifts I wrapped up for the birthday gal and now I’m off to set up her after-school soiree. As requested, high tea, crafting and treats are in order so I’d better get cracking. I’ll be sure to share some pics after the weekend! Happy Birthday to Sadie and Happy Weekend to you :)


In the Mood for Pillow Talk

February 6, 2013

Much to my husband’s dismay, I’m a big fan of accent pillows. While they always seem to be “in the way” to him, I just don’t feel comfy unless I’ve got one or two nestled around me on the couch. They’re also one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add some colour and texture to a room. I’m a bit of a feather snob so I quite often buy handmade pillow cases on Etsy that fit standard Ikea down inserts…they just look and feel so much better than batting, wouldn’t you agree? I’m in the mood for a little freshening up around our place so here are just a few bright and graphic cushions that caught my eye this week…

Janis Nicolay for Style at Home

The Glitter Guide

Society Social via HGTV

Jillian Leiboff for Decor8

Apartment Therapy

Emily Henderson


A Beautiful Mess

I’d love to try my hand at printing some of my own fabric to sew into pillows like the cross patterned ones above. Have you ever stamped fabric before? I suppose I should really purchase a sewing machine at some point in my adult life too…and that would mean learning how to sew! I’ll add it to my to-do list :) Have a cozy Wednesday!


Pretty in Pink…and Red…and Black

February 4, 2013

How was your weekend? Are you nursing a Super Bowl super hangover today? Football’s not my thing (although I did tune in for Beyonce’s halftime show…I thought she rocked it!) and we had a relaxing day consisting of snuggles with my tiny niece, movies on the couch, and giving my house a thorough clean. Pretty exciting :) but a good way to start the busy week ahead nonetheless. I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit of writer’s block these days. Nothing serious and it’s a good thing, pushing me to create more of my own images and my own original content to share with you. But here’s a bit of inspiration found elsewhere, in the meantime..

Paper Flowers at West Elm 


Green Wedding Shoes. Photo by Steve Steinhardt.

Wit & Whistle

Ruffled. Photo by Al Gawlik.

Caravan Shoppe via Babble

Curious Doodles

I’m off to the city for some running around for the shop and lunch with a friend but wish you all a great start to your week! Talk soon,