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Unique Table Numbers + Decor

August 4, 2011

Phew, what a week it’s been! Rachel and I have been so busy with market planning, family fun, and another exciting project that we’ve got to keep under wraps for just a wee bit longer. Yesterday, we had a fantastic (and very hot…in the full-sunshine kind of way!) photo shoot with the lovely Jayme Lang. We’re pretty excited to see the final photos! We used a gorgeous yellow settee from Jessica of Trove’s amazing furniture stash, packed up some of our own vintage treasures and headed out into the field behind the EcoDairy with our new market partners, Helinda Vanderkoii and Tanya Curtis. We had lots of giggles and more than a few awkward poses but it was really fun….even the horses kept coming close to see what in the world we were doing in their field!

Needless to say, I’m feeling a little bit fried in the brain department right about now but I did manage to collect some pretty and unique table settings to share with all of you brides and party hosts out there…

Twig & Thistle

Style Me Pretty

Once Wed

Source Unknown via Lou, Boos and Shoes

Style At Home

Style Me Pretty

Petite Moulin via Frolic!

Canadian House & Home via Poppytalk

Isn’t that window seating chart incredible? So beautiful! And I’m loving the DIY script projects in the latest edition of Canadian House & Home. Off to regroup before we leave on holidays to Oregon next week. Don’t worry, we’re filing away blog posts to share with you while we’re at the beach!


April 20, 2011

With our shady lot, I’ve been a bit deprived of flowers so I’ve been looking around for some kind of flowering plant to add in the small patch of our yard that does get some sun.  I haven’t pinpointed a suitable plant yet but I do have a few on my list.  Whatever it ends up being will have to be hardy.   That small spot of yard dries out in the heat of the summer and as much as I love to garden, I can’t be out everyday tending to high maintenance plants.  One of my favourite flowers is the Ranunculus.  These generously sized flowers are relatives to the common buttercup.  And since buttercups love our lawn, I am hoping that the Ranunculus may be the lucky candidate.  I still need to do a little research before any decisions are made.

Jackie Reuda

There are over 400 varieties of Ranunculus but I especially like the varieties with layers upon layers of petals.  They make a wonderful cut flower and with the wedding season fast upon us, you may see more and more of this lovely rose-like flower in bouquets and table centerpieces.  They hold their own very well but look just as stunning combined with other flowers especially poppies, tulips and roses as well as interesting filler, like the pussy willow below.

1. Holly Becker via Lolalina 2. Pink Lily Press 3.  Honeytree


1. From My Atelier 2. Whitney Smith 3. Design*Sponge

1. Design*Sponge 2. Beacon Lane

Rock Paper Scissors Events

I remember from planning my own wedding, that not all flowers are as available as you might like them to be or they tend to be fairly expensive if they are not local.  I loved this lovely paper version and I think they are just as stunning as the real thing.  Sunny & Stumpy has a good selection of pretty blossoms to choose from and if you are the crafty type, there is even a DIY kit for you to try.

Sunny & Stumpy

Pretty, right?

For the Love of Bunting

April 11, 2011

Is it Monday already? While I didn’t quite have time to relax with coffee and the morning paper, I did get a chance to read the May issue of Canadian House & Home magazine while the kids were at swimming lessons Saturday morning (multi-tasking again!) and was so excited to see The Old School Market mentioned in the upcoming events section! Rachel and I have been busy bees, organizing our little market while keeping up with the shop and blog, not to mention daily life and all of the little hiccups along the way. I’m thinking we’ll have to reward ourselves with a good spa day after we make it through market day on May 28th! It’s all been a lot of fun and we’ve learned so much along the way but I know we’re both really hoping to fine tune and streamline our process one of these days!

Through all of the busyness of the last few weeks, I was somehow caught off guard for my son Gabe’s 8th birthday. His actual birthday is this coming Wednesday but my husband’s work schedule suddenly booked up and we decided (5 days ago!) that yesterday would be the best day to throw Gabe, not one, but two birthday parties! Crazy though it seems (and is!), I prefer to clean and decorate once and get both the friend and family parties finished on the same day. It seems to keep the festivities from dragging out over the entire week. That being said, I usually start preparing several weeks in advance and I was feeling a bit panicky late Wednesday night. I came up with these recycled map invitations and they ended up setting the tone for the whole decorating scheme. I simply printed the text onto old atlas pages using our printer and then Gabe and I  folded them into paper airplanes to hand out to his friends. They turned out even better than I expected, were totally free and super easy to make…

Gabe loves looking at globes and maps so the theme was perfect. It also happens to coincide perfectly with our schoolhouse theme for The Old School Market so we’ll likely be able to reuse some of the decorations…bonus! I received this Supah Fly print from Yellow Heart Art on Thursday (perfect timing!) and added it, along with some skateboard art painted by Gabe when he was 2, to our brick chimney wall. More maps were used as place mats and to make paper airplanes and straw flags and Rachel donated some map flag bunting that she made for her husband’s birthday a couple of weeks ago. The rain held off and Brad entertained the boys and their skateboards outside with some ramps that he and Gabe made out of wood pallets…who says a party needs to cost a fortune?

The easiest birthday “cake” idea, besides good old Betty Crocker cupcakes, that I could come up with in a pinch was homemade ice cream sandwiches and they turned out to be delicious! I simply made up a batch of our favourite Triple Chocolate Cookies and sandwiched cookies ‘n cream and mint chocolate chip ice cream between them…what a hit!

Some quick furniture rearranging after the kids’ party to make room for 12 adults…thankfully Gabe only wanted pizza for dinner! I had a few ice cream sandwiches left for dessert and made my go-to Flourless Chocolate Cake, served with whipped cream and strawberries. It’s gluten free but is so moist and fudgy, you would never know. Good thing I’m getting a 10km training run in this morning!

Wedding season and summer party weather is almost upon us and I still never tire of bunting and garlands. There’s something so light-hearted and celebratory about these colourful flags, isn’t there? I especially love the feather version, so romantic! Not just for parties, bunting looks just as cheerful in children’s rooms or around the house…

Style Me Pretty

Green Wedding Shoes. Photos by Steep Street.

Love Made Me Do It. Photo by Otto Schulze.

Toast (Christmas 2010) via Emmas Design Blogg

While simple and affordable to make yourself (free, if you have an addiction to vintage atlas’ like I do!), if you’re planning ahead and are pressed for time, there are plenty of crafters out there ready and willing to do the work for you. From garlands to cards to needlework and more, bunting is a trend that seems here to stay…

Inspire Lovely

1. Sara Tops 2. Ink Whimsy 3. Kiki La Ru 4. Earmark

a.e. wilder

Do you have any celebrations planned in the coming months? Do you plan far ahead or decorate in a pinch, like I did this weekend? Please share!