Finally Friday…

February 11, 2011

I had a fabulous week.  It all started off with not one, not two but THREE design magazines in my mailbox and absolutely no bills.  I have yet to read any of them but there’s always the weekend.  A short but sweet thrift run where I found an amazing desk and that I walked away from and I’m still kicking myself for.  I am going on a search and rescue mission today…crossing my fingers it’s still there.  I’ll let you know.  A free afternoon while my girls’ celebrated Sadie’s birthday.  Thank you, Lily.  My girls’ finished up swimming lessons with swimming in the deep end, jumping off the diving board and going down the big slide!  So proud.  A visit to Ikea followed by a family movie night at my hubby’s work.  A husband and wife morning breakfast where we discussed wild and crazy dreams, like moving away to a tropical island.  Even more free time, care of Grandma, where I got to catch up on housework and make my family a nice dinner.  A movie and sushi night with Lily and our gaggle of kids.  Plenty of sunshine.  A yoga session every single day.  No complaints here…at all.  I’m so blessed.

And now, it’s the weekend.  What are you up to?  Big plans?  Or are your big plans no plans?  My favourite kind.  Why don’t you whip up a little Valentine’s Day fort?  For the kids or your sweetheart.  Might be kind of fun.

Design Sponge

Or try to that recipe for macarons, that you’ve always wanted to try.

delectable deliciousness

Make a flower arrangement for your man?  Why not?  Or for you because you deserve it.

Design Sponge

Or try your hand at archery?

Design Sponge

Whatever you get yourself into, I wish you a lovely weekend.


1 Ever - The red house by the lake { 02.11.11 at 12:40 am }

I love those arrows! I am planning our wedding and I really want to incorporate something like that into the decoration. That would be so nice!

(If you have the time, please have a look on my blog… I have just redone our bedroom and built a four poster bed that I am kind of proud of. ;-) )
Ever – The red house by the lake recently posted..Bedroom makeover and how to build a four poster bed for 40€

2 Rachel { 02.11.11 at 7:11 pm }

We’d love to hear about your wedding, especially if you have arrows in mind! Your bed is lovely. Did you do that all on your own? Bravo!
Rachel recently posted..Finally Friday…

3 Hannah { 02.11.11 at 4:43 am }

ohhh! don’t you hate it when you see something great, walk away from it, and can’t stop thinking about it? i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you find the desk!! :) and that love shack is to DIE for…. :0 have a great weekend!!!!
Hannah recently posted..Hair Color Debate

4 the enchanted home { 02.11.11 at 6:47 am }

Cute post…..I do that all the time, find something I like figure I have to sleep on it only to have it torture me the entire night…geeez….you would think i would have learned by now when I LOVE something i should just buy it!
Really cute and glad I discovered your blog. Please come discover mine, its new about the building of our new home and my passion for decor/design, plus I am doing my first ever giveaway, a french chair!

5 Lynn { 02.11.11 at 3:34 pm }

i think i got so excited and was flipping through your wondrous blog for so long that when i came back here to comment it hit max capacity and kicked me out. so funny, but i’m back now to say wow girls i love everything!

your space is happiness to find and you are fellow BC’ers, well that’s a splendid piece of the pie too. i found you through janis’s pinecone camp and will definitely be following. while looking around i saw the post you featured on clip board ideas, so good, plus that paper airplane bunting is super rad.

happy to hear you received no bills, it’s always a good day when that happens and the whole week sounded fab. hope your weekend continues on this bright tip too. i want that v-day fort so bad. cheers lades.
Lynn recently posted..5

6 Rachel { 02.11.11 at 7:15 pm }

Awww…shucks. Thank you. We’re so glad you found us. We quite enjoy drooling over Janis’ baking. Don’t you?
Rachel recently posted..Finally Friday…