Hello, Sunshine!

June 25, 2012

What a weekend! It’s a good thing that birthdays only come once a year because this mama is partied out!  I think that I could use a good cleanse after all of the birthday cake and beer-on-patios that I indulged in over the weekend but I don’t think that I’ve laughed so hard in a very long time so it was all very well worth it!  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing group of family and friends in my life, near and far, and I’m feeling somewhat relieved not to have any big plans for the summer so that I can spend more time with them all. This past year was so busy with market planning and more and I’m really looking forward to some down-time. The kids are officially out of school on Wednesday and there’s plenty of sunshine in the forecast. In anticipation of the sunny days and lazy mornings on the horizon, here are a few bright spaces and tidbits to kickstart the week…

Style At Home. Photo by Donna Griffith.


A La Mode

Toby Scott for Real Living

Katie’s Pencil Box

A Beautiful Mess

Michelle LeBlanc‘s home featured on Design Mom
Nothing says sunshine like the colour yellow and I love seeing bright spots of the hue in a space. Flowers and lemons are both super simple ways to brighten up a tabletop or open shelves. If you’re feeling a bit more ambitious, spray paint is cheap and is an easy way to spruce up an old chair or side table. How is your week looking? Busy or are you already in summer mode? I’ve got lots to catch up on after my busy weekend away but have a sun-filled Monday!


Birthdays + Fridays = Happy

June 22, 2012

Today is Lily’s birthday and it’s Friday…the best day for your birthday to land on in my books.  I’m so blessed to have her in my life and I miss her so much.  If only I could fly in this weekend to take part in the weekend festivities especially that spa day she has booked.  Happy Birthday, Lily and enjoy your day!

 Ready Go

The Fancy

Dawn Correspondence

Ika Bags

Lisa Barbero

 The Red List.

Mya Creative

Jessie Turner Designs

 Satchel & Sage

 Restoration Hardware

 Letter Happy

 Oh My Inspired

 West Elm

Happy Friday, everyone!



The Art of Handwritten

June 21, 2012

While I was writing a note on behalf of the tooth fairy a few days ago (how could she not respond after reading this sweet note from Sadie), I was once again reminded how out of practice my handwriting is. I stopped writing in script sometime in high school, although I’m not really sure why, and have printed or typed my words ever since. My mom and my aunts all have beautiful handwriting though and each time I open a letter or note from them I wish my writing looked as beautiful. Some say calligraphy may become a lost art (you can read more here) but with scripts as beautiful as these making their way into homes and storefronts, I really hope younger generations help hand drawn artistry stay alive and kicking…

Style At Home. Photo by Barry Calhoun.

Retail Design Blog via SF Girl By Bay


Leah Goren


Sparrow’s Nest Script

Every person has their own distinct font and what better way to add personality to a space than with your own handwriting or a favourite quote. From DIY wall art to floor coverings and even upholstery, the opportunities are endless and a simple Jiffy marker will often do the trick. Rachel and I used fabric pens on an unbleached drop cloth to create this backdrop for our market displays and have received so many compliments with each event. I think I may actually sew it into a duvet cover at some point…

From Scandinavia With Love. Photo by Karin Foberg.

Elisa Blaha

A Beautiful Mess

The mug DIY above couldn’t be simpler and would make adorable gifts for just about any special person in your life, don’t you think? I know I love receiving gifts with special meaning to them…hint hint…just kidding, but it is my 33rd birthday tomorrow! I’ve got a busy couple of days ahead, starting tonight with dinner and drinks out with a handful of great girlfriends. After a family breakfast tomorrow with my parents and sister, I have some time booked at my favourite spa (well worth saving up  gift certificates for!) followed by family time with the kids and going out to dinner with Brad and some friends. On Saturday, I’m headed to the city to spend the weekend with another batch of my fave girls…looking forward to drinks on a patio somewhere, a little shopping and hopefully more of the sporadic summer sunshine! What do you have planned for the weekend ahead? Have a wonderful Thursday!


Wentworth Falls Cottage

June 20, 2012

Filled with all sorts of vintage finds, this quaint little cottage in Australia is the home of Jane and Michael Frosh and their three young children.  Her design philosophy is very carefree and simple.  It was a good reminder to me while I dream and plan out our new home to stick with what makes you feel good and what you love and ignore all the rest.  Take the tour…

 Photos by Sharyn Cairns.  Styled by Geraldine Munoz.

Enjoy the rest of your week…we’re half way to the weekend!  


Fresh Inspiration: Summer Berries

June 19, 2012

While Rachel and her family are already lounging poolside, our West Coast summer continues to elude us. I did get a big glimpse of the sunshine and some heat yesterday while on a field trip to White Rock and the beach with Sadie’s kindergarten class but, woe is me, our town remained shrouded in clouds when we returned. Feeling just a wee bit envious of our friends down South right now but I do have high hopes that our summer will start very, very soon! The power of positive thinking, right? In the meantime, I’ll console myself with the abundance of fresh summer berries that are now on sale at the supermarket. I have a major sweet tooth that I’ve been trying to reign in (without much luck) and healthy berries are the perfect solution…they look beautiful on the table too!

My Fudo

Isn’t this bright bouquet and it’s smattering of berries gorgeous? So original! It makes me want to plant some blueberry bushes in our backyard asap…

Camille Styles

Light Locations via SF Girl By Bay

What Katie Ate

Stylizimo for Lifestyle

With the ombre and dip-dying trends in full force, I don’t know if so many  varied shades of pink have ever been so popular! From baby blush to coral to neon, fashion and interior designers just can’t seem to get enough. Which is your favourite berry-inspired hue? Or do you prefer the gradations of the entire paint strip?

Janis Nicolay for The Barefoot Contessa

The Kitchy Kitchen

Design*Sponge via Poppytalk

Eat Yourself Skinny

Natty by Design

Wind & Willow Home

This afternoon, several friends and I are getting together to celebrate my mom, Mrs. Terry, who has run a well-known preschool in town for the past 16 years. Her time there has now come to a close and, while I’m sad that the preschool’s closing before Lilah’s finished her last year there, I am excited for my mom to move onto the next chapter of her teaching career and I know that she’s made such an imprint on so many little hearts and families along the way. Many of my friend’s children and each of my own three have been lucky to have her as a teacher and she was made to work with kids…her creative energy and love for the kids never wavered!  It was the perfect excuse to make my her favourite chocolate cake too…with fresh berries and whipped cream, of course! I love you Mom!