A Weekend in Wine Country…Okanagan Style!

June 26, 2013

Well, hello strangers! Sorry for abandoning ship…I took a little blogging break last week and ended up in wine country, go figure! I turned 34 on Saturday and got whisked away by a couple of girlfriends for a birthday weekend of wine, no cooking, vineyards and heart-to-hearts…a fab way to kick off the year ahead! Here’s a little peek at our shenanigans and you can see more if you follow me on Instagram

Jennie, Aprille and I stayed for 3 carefree nights at Walnut Beach resort in Osoyoos, and it was so great have so much uninterrupted time together…just enough time to miss our families :) Our only plan for the weekend was to hop on the wine shuttle so that’s where you could have found us, bright and early Saturday morning! It was a long day of tastings but we made time for a delicious lunch at Hester Creek (which we may or may not have repeated the next day) and we met plenty of entertaining folks along the tour. Charlotte from OK Wine Shuttle kept us on track and was the perfect chaperone for the day!

Food pics really don’t do it justice but Terrafina restaurant at Hester Creek Estate Winery has the most amazing food. ever. This potato pizza with truffle oil (yes, potato!) had us coming back for more on Sunday and the patio + sunshine + bubbly = perfection! Some other favourite stops this time ’round were LaStella, Desert Hills Estate WineryStoneboat Vineyards, Young & Wyse and I experienced my first-ever wine slushy at Rustico Farm & Cellars…not something I’ll likely taste again but an experience all the same :) You can find links to other Osoyoos wineries I’ve visited in this fun post (click here).

And what’s any birthday without a double rainbow?!? We were lucky enough to see this pair while watching an outdoor concert at Tinhorn Creek. The views in the Okanagan were pretty incredible and we enjoyed plenty of sunshine and pool time in between the clouds. While my liver could use some time to recover, I’m already counting down to our next trip to wine country and feel pretty blessed to have such fantastic friends, not to mention an amazing hubby to man the home-front while I was gone. Hope you’re having a great week so far!


Week + End: I Wish I Was Here…with These Tunes!

June 14, 2013

This week has been another blur…actually, I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a haze! You know that feeling when you’ve got nothing but deadlines then they pass and you don’t know what to do next? That pretty much sums it up. But I did manage to roundup a few great links to finish off the week…

1. I’m dreaming of a summer beach vacation somewhere like this. Our holiday in Gearhart, OR with friends and families was the best ever…yet!

Rohleder Borges Architecture

2. The mix of clean lines, personal mementos and overall Scandi feeling of this space really does it for me:

Style at Home. Photo by Donna Griffith.

3. The non-stop schedule/planning over the last few weeks has me longing for at least a couple of these refreshing mojitos!

The Novice Chef

And what are drinks without good tunes?! Here are a few faves that I’ve collected this week, just in time for BBQ weather:

  1. RAC: Hollywood
  2. The Dear Hunter: Whisper
  3. K-Os f. Sam Roberts: Don’t Touch
  4. Bastille: Overjoyed
  5. Nightwaves: Sweet Carrie

I’m going to take a little break next week…June is a busy month, isn’t it? We’re coming to the end of school and activities not to mention lots going on at the shop. I may pop in to say hello at some point but if I don’t, I’ll be back to chat in a week…cheers :)


Our Ladies Night at Spruce Collective

June 12, 2013

Oh hi! Sorry I up and disappeared on you Monday…the past few weeks finally caught up with me as did Lilah’s 5th birthday. I cannot believe that my baby girl is five! Sigh. But she is such a joy and brings us laughter every single day…I feel so blessed to be her mama :)

We had sooo much fun at our  Ladies Night at the shop last Friday night and I thought I’d share some pics with you. It felt like a girly house party?you know, the kind where all of your favourite people just happen to be there…and everyone happily mingled, shopped and sipped while listening live tunes by Coalmont.. Mikaela Ruth snapped some beautiful shots of our guests throughout the evening and everyone had a blast posing for CheddarBooth, manned by Mikaela’s husband Shane…

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked


View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked



View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked


You can see more of Mikaela’s lovely pictures of the evening over on her website (click here) or come and visit us in person at Spruce Collective next time you’re in the neighbourhood!


Favourites for a Frenzied Week

June 7, 2013

I cannot believe that it’s been just over a week since we left for Farm Chicks! I don’t think I’ve sat down (except for the long drive to and fro) let alone slept more than 6 hours per night. Pretty exhausted but also pretty proud of all that we’ve accomplished at the shop in the meantime. We’ve been sorting through all of our vintage treasures all week in anticipation of our Ladies Night tonight, which is going to be a blast! I’ll be sure to share pics next week but in the meantime here are a few fave places and pics this week…

1. Monica and I stumbled across this amazing shop, Artemis, in Spokane last week and were both blown away! It came highly recommended to us by my friend Fiona and I was so happy to get a chance to visit it in person and chat with Kris, one of the owners:

Artemis, Spokane WA via My Instagram feed

2. My favourite stylist (isn’t she everyone’s?), Emily Henderson, just styled her living room and it’s AMAZING:

Emily Henderson

3. Speaking of styling, we spent the last couple of days restyling the shop for our Ladies Night tonight and we are so excited to share our Farm Chicks finds with everyone! This just might be my new favourite corner at Spruce Collective:

Spruce Collective. Photo by me, Lily Ellis.

I haven’t had time to compile a playlist this week so I’ll leave you with some great tunes by a local band, Coalmont. This husband and wife duo, Nate and Stephanie, make the most beautiful folky music (they also made one extremely adorable baby girl, Memphis) and they’ll be performing at the shop tonight, can’t wait!

1. Down in Dust 2. The Most Humble Man 3. Vegas + Back 4. River’s Rush 5. Could You Love Once More

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back to chat next week :)


The Spruce Girls at Farm Chicks

June 5, 2013

Words can’t quite describe the past weekend at Farm Chicks. The Spruce Girls and I (minus Elisa who had a wedding to attend sniff, sniff) made the 7-ish hour trek with a cargo van, an SUV + big trailer, a mini van, 2 handsome husbands and 1 adorable newborn baby (who was perfect…antiquing must be in his blood or something) and we were glad that we came prepared! The booths were absolutely incredible and while the crowds were overwhelming at times, everyone was so friendly and helpful…we even started to be known as “those Canadian girls” by a few of our fave booths! We shopped ’til we dropped and the entire experience was a combination of inspiration, overstimulation and exhaustion…a series of emotions that went on repeat throughout the entire two days. Here’s just a small look inside The Farm Chicks

IMG_2276All pictures by me, unless noted otherwise

Spruce CollectiveKevi on Instagram

Spruce Collective

Spruce Collective

This is a shot of the cargo van nearing capacity but Monica and I (Lily) still had an hour until closing time Sunday so we just couldn’t stop yet…

Spruce Collective

Spruce CollectiveKevi on Instagram

Spruce Collective

This was our final haul at the show, as you can see we snagged a few closing time deals! This was at 4pm and we knew we had a loooong drive ahead of us but even managed to squeeze in one more antiques barn a couple hours into the drive. I know, we were starting to scare ourselves!

Spruce Collective

Spruce Collective

Yep, we closed down another one! In hindsight, maybe not the best decision (we only reached the border at 1:30am and I wouldn’t recommend a commercial crossing at that time of night to anyone) but Farm Chicks did not disappoint and we left feeling so motivated and inspired…we can’t wait to tackle the plans/dreams/projects in our future! We’re having a big Ladies Night at the shop on Friday (which is SOLD OUT!) so we’ve got a tonne to do in the meantime. I guess I’ll have to catch up on sleep next week :)