Our Ladies Night at Spruce Collective

June 12, 2013

Oh hi! Sorry I up and disappeared on you Monday…the past few weeks finally caught up with me as did Lilah’s 5th birthday. I cannot believe that my baby girl is five! Sigh. But she is such a joy and brings us laughter every single day…I feel so blessed to be her mama :)

We had sooo much fun at our  Ladies Night at the shop last Friday night and I thought I’d share some pics with you. It felt like a girly house party?you know, the kind where all of your favourite people just happen to be there…and everyone happily mingled, shopped and sipped while listening live tunes by Coalmont.. Mikaela Ruth snapped some beautiful shots of our guests throughout the evening and everyone had a blast posing for CheddarBooth, manned by Mikaela’s husband Shane…

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked


View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked



View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-night

View More: http://mikaelaruthphotography.pass.us/spruce-ladies-nightAll photos by Mikaela Ruth Photography unless otherwise watermarked


You can see more of Mikaela’s lovely pictures of the evening over on her website (click here) or come and visit us in person at Spruce Collective next time you’re in the neighbourhood!


Favourites for a Frenzied Week

June 7, 2013

I cannot believe that it’s been just over a week since we left for Farm Chicks! I don’t think I’ve sat down (except for the long drive to and fro) let alone slept more than 6 hours per night. Pretty exhausted but also pretty proud of all that we’ve accomplished at the shop in the meantime. We’ve been sorting through all of our vintage treasures all week in anticipation of our Ladies Night tonight, which is going to be a blast! I’ll be sure to share pics next week but in the meantime here are a few fave places and pics this week…

1. Monica and I stumbled across this amazing shop, Artemis, in Spokane last week and were both blown away! It came highly recommended to us by my friend Fiona and I was so happy to get a chance to visit it in person and chat with Kris, one of the owners:

Artemis, Spokane WA via My Instagram feed

2. My favourite stylist (isn’t she everyone’s?), Emily Henderson, just styled her living room and it’s AMAZING:

Emily Henderson

3. Speaking of styling, we spent the last couple of days restyling the shop for our Ladies Night tonight and we are so excited to share our Farm Chicks finds with everyone! This just might be my new favourite corner at Spruce Collective:

Spruce Collective. Photo by me, Lily Ellis.

I haven’t had time to compile a playlist this week so I’ll leave you with some great tunes by a local band, Coalmont. This husband and wife duo, Nate and Stephanie, make the most beautiful folky music (they also made one extremely adorable baby girl, Memphis) and they’ll be performing at the shop tonight, can’t wait!

1. Down in Dust 2. The Most Humble Man 3. Vegas + Back 4. River’s Rush 5. Could You Love Once More

Have a great weekend and I’ll be back to chat next week :)


The Spruce Girls at Farm Chicks

June 5, 2013

Words can’t quite describe the past weekend at Farm Chicks. The Spruce Girls and I (minus Elisa who had a wedding to attend sniff, sniff) made the 7-ish hour trek with a cargo van, an SUV + big trailer, a mini van, 2 handsome husbands and 1 adorable newborn baby (who was perfect…antiquing must be in his blood or something) and we were glad that we came prepared! The booths were absolutely incredible and while the crowds were overwhelming at times, everyone was so friendly and helpful…we even started to be known as “those Canadian girls” by a few of our fave booths! We shopped ’til we dropped and the entire experience was a combination of inspiration, overstimulation and exhaustion…a series of emotions that went on repeat throughout the entire two days. Here’s just a small look inside The Farm Chicks

IMG_2276All pictures by me, unless noted otherwise

Spruce CollectiveKevi on Instagram

Spruce Collective

Spruce Collective

This is a shot of the cargo van nearing capacity but Monica and I (Lily) still had an hour until closing time Sunday so we just couldn’t stop yet…

Spruce Collective

Spruce CollectiveKevi on Instagram

Spruce Collective

This was our final haul at the show, as you can see we snagged a few closing time deals! This was at 4pm and we knew we had a loooong drive ahead of us but even managed to squeeze in one more antiques barn a couple hours into the drive. I know, we were starting to scare ourselves!

Spruce Collective

Spruce Collective

Yep, we closed down another one! In hindsight, maybe not the best decision (we only reached the border at 1:30am and I wouldn’t recommend a commercial crossing at that time of night to anyone) but Farm Chicks did not disappoint and we left feeling so motivated and inspired…we can’t wait to tackle the plans/dreams/projects in our future! We’re having a big Ladies Night at the shop on Friday (which is SOLD OUT!) so we’ve got a tonne to do in the meantime. I guess I’ll have to catch up on sleep next week :)


Week + End: Links + Tunes to Share

May 30, 2013

I wrote this post early as I’m en route to Spokane, WA today…hopefully knee deep in junk at some off-the-beaten-trail antique shop by the time you’re reading this! Monica and I left Abbotsford yesterday afternoon and the rest of our Spruce girls will be meeting up with us at our hotel later this afternoon. We couldn’t be more excited to scour Farm Chicks for vintage treasures tomorrow and Sunday! Stay tuned to my Instagram feed for photos along the way :) In the meantime, here are a few links that caught my eye this week…

1. Loving the unexpected decor in this Chinese restaurant, Bao Bei! Located in Vancouver’s Chinatown, I’ll definitely be popping in before the next Night Market:

Bao Bei via Poppytalk

2. I can imagine spending a warm summer evening on this Oregon patio…isn’t that banquette fantastic? Hmm, wonder if Brad has time for a weekend project while I’m off antiquing…


3. We’ve all got a weakness for vintage oil paintings over at the shop, especially landscapes like these beauties. Fingers crossed we bring at least a few home from Farm Chicks:

The Design Files

And what’s a road trip without music?! Some tunes on current rotation this week and very likely over the weekend:

  1. No Love Enough – Champion
  2. Can’t Hold Us- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis f.Ray Dalton
  3. Pompeii – Bastille
  4. Blurred Lines – Robin Thicke f. T.I. and Pharrell
  5. Everlasting Arms – Vampire Weekend

We’ll be home late Sunday night so I’ll be back to share news (and pics) from our big roady on Wednesday…have a great weekend!


Sunshine + Marigold: Hello, Yellow!

May 29, 2013

It’s been a somewhat gloomy week so far (with rain and dark clouds galore) but thankfully there is plenty of sunshine brewing, just in time for the weekend! I am so excited to be hitting the road for our first Spruce Girls (+2 husbands and a newborn baby :) road trip! We’re heading down to Spokane, WA for The Farm Chicks Antiques Show and have been looking forward to this for months. Between us, we’re driving a cargo van, mini van and an SUV with a trailer in tow…plenty of room to stock up on “new” vintage goodies. We’re hosting a Ladies Night at the shop on June 7th where guests will get first dibs on our haul…click here for more info.

In anticipation of all of the sunshine and happy moments ahead, I thought I’d share some spaces with pops of one of my current colour crushes, marigold yellow. It doesn’t take much of this bold hue to provide big impact to room and, as you can see from these examples, it works well with most colours…

Castle via The Design Files. Photo by Jason Busch.

Emily Henderson


In My House


Tracey Ayton Photography

Remember Monday’s post featuring calm neutrals? While the overall feeling of today’s post is more bold and energetic, if you notice, each of these spaces has white walls and a mostly neutral background. It’s amazing what a pop of colour can do, isn’t it? Have a bright Wednesday :)