Organized Thoughts: Studio Dreaming

January 8, 2014

Thanks so much for your well wishes, emails and texts after my last post. I didn’t mean to worry anyone but I think it’s important not to gloss over the dreary bits in life as reality often isn’t nearly as pretty as what’s filtered through Instagram, agreed? Life/marriage/parenting/etc is a series of hills and valleys (some steeper than others) but I think my situation is starting the climb back uphill and I’m feeling much brighter than I was at the beginning of the week. Talking things out always helps (although it’s super hard for me) and I’m blessed with a pretty awesome support group, even when I don’t feel like sharing much.

Also brightening my thoughts are some upcoming renos at the shop. We’ve all been sharing a shoebox sized office at Spruce Collective for over a year now, not easy considering there are 5 of us partners plus our full-time store manager and 4 employees! Needless to say, when working on our website/paperwork/phone calls/etc we’re always tripping on each other (or locking the door!) and it’s impossible to stay 100% organized. Earlier this summer, we divided our workshop in half with a temporary wall (made of vintage doors) to create a fashion boutique. It’s been an amazing success so we’ve decided to put up a permanent wall and allocate the other half (currently workshop/lunch room/catch-all disaster) to one gloriously spacious shared workspace. First on the agenda is a huge 3-month calendar to keep track of all of our store events, vintage rental bookings, financials and more. It will be life changing!

The Design Files via DwellHome of Lucy Feagins/The Design Files via Dwell

Ferm Living Wall CalendarFerm Living Wall Sticker Calendar

Design Love FestDesign Love Fest Studio

Country LivingCountry Living

Fancy-New Zealand Design BlogFancy-New Zealand Design Blog

A sense of order makes everything easier, doesn’t it? Sometimes simply cleaning a closet or drawer can make all the difference on stressful day. I’ve got quite a bit of organizing to do on the home front starting with Sadie’s room, which I painted last weekend. Hoping to finish decorating it over the next few days and I will definitely share some pics. What organizing projects do you have looming? Let’s tackle them together!


In with the New: A Fresh Start

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year! How is 2014 treating you so far? My year started off with a bang, not the good kind unfortunately, so I’m off to a bumpier start than I’d thought in my personal life. But the kiddos are back to school today (yay!) and I’m looking forward to getting back into the routine of things, especially work at the shop and working out. The fact that I’m actually looking forward to working out is a miracle in itself, something I wouldn’t have imagined 4 months ago when I headed back to the gym! My Spruce partners and I decided to consider February 1st the start of our year for goal planning etc. It’s really taken the pressure off of ourselves and given us time to regroup after a busy Holiday season. Now, I’m not a huge resolution girl but do love setting attainable goals for myself. Starting February, I’ll be jotting down more specific monthly goals but here’s a peek at my overall resolutions for the year and some other inspirational thoughts that keep me going when the going gets tough:

Birch + Bird: Lily's New Year's ResolutionsMy New Year’s Resolutions (thanks Bing and Alt Summit for the monthly goal cards!)

Noel ShiveleyNoel Shiveley

Invisible CrownInvisible Crown

Katie Stratton: Pencil Box ShopKatie Stratton (Pencil Box Shop)

The Every GirlThe Every Girl

Hope that this Monday is treating you well but if for some reason it isn’t, keep your chin up and I’ll be right there with you!


Out with the Old: Happy New Year!

December 31, 2013

Hello there! I hope that you’ve been enjoying the holidays as much as I have! It’s been one party/gathering/cocktail/cheese cube after the other but with plenty of R&R in between so overall its been really great. We’re having a small group of friends come over (somewhat last minute but that’s how we roll!) to ring in the New Year tonight so I’ll have to rustle up some appies this afternoon before cracking open the bubbly. Do you have big plans? Here’s some sparkling inspiration to get the party started:

The Glitter GuideThe Glitter Guide

West Elm: Party in a BoxWest Elm

The Flair ExchangeThe Flair Exchange

Camille StylesCamille Styles

The Curvy CarrotThe Curvy Carrot

I’m taking the rest of the week off but couldn’t say goodbye to 2013 without wishing you all a very Happy New Year! See you in 2014, I have a feeling it’s going to be a BIG year! Cheers :)

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Merry Christmas!

December 20, 2013

I’m going to sign off for the Holidays but not without wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! We’ve got another packed weekend ahead of us starting with our Spruce partners/spouses party (our first, can you believe it!?), our annual progressive dinner with friends and their kiddos (my favourite tradition!) and our men’s shopping day at the shop (um, what man wouldn’t want to shop when there are fresh pretzels, beer tastings, hot shaves and friendly gals waiting to wrap gifts for you!). Not to mention my own party prep and still-not-started gift wrapping. So yes, I just might sleep through Christmas :)

I’m really looking forward to a few days off filled with baking and cuddles with the kids and then the Christmas circuit with each of our families. Hurray for Christmas! Here are 5 links to love this week and just a smattering of my favourite Holiday tunes:

  1. Miracles really do happen, I’ve seen them! Let’s all spread a little extra love this Season.
  2. I’ll be making this Caprese tart tomorrow night.
  3. These printable gift tags are perfect. Adding printer ink to my shopping list!
  4. So many pretty wrapping ideas here.
  5. Nothing to do with Christmas but this blog post about the mom/work/life juggle rocks!

Wishing you all the happiest of Holidays full of family, friends + lots of good cheer and I’ll be sure to check in before we start the New Year. Merry Christmas!

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Calm + Bright: A Church Conversion

December 18, 2013

Here we are, only a week away from Christmas! How are you feeling? Hopefully not too overwhelmed or stressed. I’ve got a lot to do but I’m feeling oddly relaxed about it all, which will likely change all too soon! But seeing these photos (featured in the December issue of Chatelaine, which my Spruce Collective girls and I just happen to be featured in too :) instantly brightened my mood and alleviated my writer’s block last night. I’m a sucker for a good house conversion and I doubt there could be anything more peaceful than living in a former church, unless of course, it meant living in this former church:

Chatelaine Magazine. Photo by Sian Richards.Chatelaine via The Marion House Book. Photos by Sian Richards.

Chatelaine Magazine. Photo by Sian Richards.

Chatelaine Magazine. Photo by Sian Richards.Chatelaine

Chatelaine Magazine. Photo by Sian Richards.

Chatelaine Magazine. Photo by Sian Richards.Chatelaine via The Marion House Book. Photos by Sian Richards.

This stunning church-turned-home belongs to Alison Westlake (owner of the Toronto flower shop Coriander Girl) and her husband, Tyler. Together they took on a pretty ambitious renovation (you can read more about the process here) of the nearly 150 year old building and I just love how bright and airy it is, not to mention their subtle Scandinavian-style take on Holiday decorating. It’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? Have a wonderful Wednesday!